Sunday, April 15, 2007

Prepping the House

Tara thinks...

I need to get my house in shape for my DSIL (dear sis-in-law) Candice's baby shower. I am so excited to host this event in my own home, despite its diminuitive size. I think I can handle 40ish people at once, and these come-and-go showers aren't usually more than that. Fingers crossed! Even though the shower isn't for over 2 months, I have been thinking of themes, invitations, food, and decorations. Candice's baby has not been helping, stubbornly keeping its legs together through 2 ultrasounds. Aaron calls the baby "Cousin It." But hooray - just this morning she went for a third look and it appears Cousin It is a Girl! So we're moving on to pink themes.

Part of hosting a big event like this is getting my house in shape - not only cleaning-wise, but decorating-wise too. As in paint, pictures, curtains, etc. - all the things I've sort of been working on since we moved back from Florida 7 months ago. I have a master plan, just need to be realistic as to what I can get done in the next 2 months. My favorite decorating style is Craftsman/Bungalow, with a little Prairie/Frank Lloyd Wright/Mission styles thrown in too. Too bad my house is totally not Bungalow style. We'll ge there, even if it takes a complete remodel of the outside. Since the big remodel I did here right before we moved to Floriday, we changed the floorplan quite a bit and created a big family room, open to the kitchen and dining room. This matches Craftsman style and I've been working on the interior. It takes a lot of money because I like lots of wood molding, we'll get there on that too. Anyways... I want to do some stenciling all around the living room, right next to the ceiling. I've even gotten Aaron to give a bit of an opinion about this. He's all for it and spent at least 8 minutes with me looking at a few patterns online. Here are the finalists:
Casablanca, Celeste, and Poppy Frieze
Ivy Pergola and Mission Spirit

Leave a comment or vote! I would love to hear ideas for baby showers too.


Anonymous said...

Either Mission Spirit or Poopy Frieze from the choices you've given. They all seem to have a South Desert look to them, but MS and PF have the least "crazy indian" look:)
Plus you could do a number of different things with the decor etc.

But you asked for my opinion...


Anonymous said...

Oops-I should probably proof read my comments. I meant to say Poppy... (that could be a sign)

Lindsay said...

I agree with Molly -- Mission Spirit and Poppy Frieze are my favorites. Still, it's hard to say what would work best since I haven't been to your house since your remodel! Maybe you should post pictures? Yes! Definitely.