Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cool Design Blogs

In conjunction (sort of) with my last post I wanted to link to some of the sites I have found that create/showcase/inspire good design. Many of these are linked to each other and I just found them randomly, by clicking on links on other blogs. I love to check out the pretty things and am often find inspiration for a project I'm working on. Like that baby shower I'm still having next month - or a new digital scrap page. Or just something nice. Please comment if to share your own finds of great blogs in this vein.

A Little Sussy - like my lucky magazine (but every day), showing off her favorite find
print & pattern - a bright spot of color
marta - she even has her own craft store through blogger. cool entertaining stuff and marta hosted a gift swap, read about it in this post.
Oh Happy Day - she says it all in her tagline, "updated daily with pretty things." I love her graphic.
Heather Bailly - a fabric designer - she does lots of cool crafty stuff
Oh Joy - a new blog I found, I've only gone there a couple times but love it
Design Mom -
Holly's Plate -

okay, okay - I'm gonna stop now. I just keep finding more and more now that I'm looking. It's addicting and the last thing I need is to be spending more money - even if it's on well-designed things.


shannon said...

you gotta ask the sussy person what that means. i looked it up in both and basically if i can't find something in those two sources, it really doesn't exist.

even a philistine design neanderthal like myself loves the pretty pictures!

tarable said...

I read on another blog somewhere that Nicole coined the sussy term herself, but there weren't any details. Maybe I'll comment on her blog and link to this post and she'll be kind enough to answer that question herself.

nicole said...

a sussy is a gift or present without reason... you'll find it in urban dictionaries, most likely.. my mom would always say (when giving us an unexpected gift) "oh, it's just a little sussy."

shannon said...

holy legwarmers, tara, now i have three ultimate sources of knowledge.

on (how's that for literal?), sussy is:

1)a gift or small present

2)unexplained teen death usually expressed in teen suicide

3)Silly Unavoidable Sarcastically Stupid Young'un...a.k.a jr. high boys that hit on highschool girls

4)the name given to someone who looks suss, and/or is acting suspect.(dodgy)

i like the first definition best (obviously). how cool would it be to have a mother so hip she used urban slang even you didn't know?

don't know how helpful will be; seems like too many hoi polloi are allowed to contribute.

Design Mom said...

Wow. Thanks for including my blog in such esteemed company. I love every blog you listed. Especially Oh Happy Day. Because she's my sister.

And nice info on the urban dictionary. I had never heard of it before.

marta said...

what a lovely list. i frequent these blogs quite often. there are so many talented ladies out there it's nice to be listed as one of them. what a compliment!! thanks.

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