Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking, or OCD

Tara thinks...

she is a tiny bit obsessive compulsive. Why else would I discover a cool thing and decide I need to stay up into the wee hours several nights in a row downloading free stuff from the internet. I think I want to be a designer. Although I love chemistry (my major) I think I would have really enjoyed graphic design too. I'm not as much into crafty stuff, but I love patterns, logos, cool websites, etc. Some of the blogs I look at include digital scrapbook pages, rather than just pictures and they are really cute. So I decided I should do it too and investigated sites with free downloads. And then I couldn't stop. I have Adobe Photoshop and have been using it to create a few pages and the invite for Emmett's b-day party last week. But it takes a really long time and I'm not sure I'll be up for using it for all my pictures. Okay, positive. But maybe a few cute pages here and there. And invitations, announcements and such. Here's the first one I tried out - just to get in the swing of things.

Here are some websites I found that had lots of free downloads. I am always looking for more so please comment if you have favorites.

I am also keeping my eyes open for sites with good tutorials for using Photoshop. I'm still learning lots.

I've decided instead of making scrapbook pages I will design papers/embellishments/fonts and the like, sell my designs and make millions. I am not deterred by the fact that these things sell for like $2 each.


shannon said...

i think you could offer a digiscrapping service. like the cherishbound people, only you would take their pictures and captions and make cool pages out of them. if you had a gallery of examples, with all the different themes and holidays, etc.

Lindsay said...

You're obviously good at it, and I'm sure it's a service people (like me) would appreciate. I just wonder if you could charge enough to make it worth your time. It would be great to work doing something you love from home!

tarable said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence from my friends, no matter how limited their knowledge is. You guys should see how much better everyone else's is compared to mine. But I'll ge there. Talk to me about it again in a few months. But hey, if anyone wants to buy either of the many (2) layouts I have so far - let me know. I'll give you a smoking deal.

Anonymous said...

I for one would love to be a customer (esp. at $2 a pop!) I send out birthday announcements for each of my kids' birthdays every year, but I don't like to send just aplain old picture. I've been pretty lucky with finding people to put together photo collages and such for e in the past, but couldn't find anyone to help me for Max's birthday this year (in 2 days!). My daughter's birthday is coming up in August, could you help me out with something for her in July or so? You can email me at