Sunday, June 3, 2007

Husbands have the right to change their minds too

We recently acquired 2 teak wall units that were Aaron's grandparents. Not the grandma that just died, from whom we got a washer & dryer and the bedroom set previously posted upon - his other grandparents whose house we are living in. Ray & Corinne Carpenter must have been wonderful people, I'm sorry never to have met them, and they had excellent taste in furniture. They loved teak and had a myriad of pieces, which are now split between their grandchildren. I love the bookcases we got but Aaron and I were in a bit of a disagreement about where to put them, how to use them, etc. There is a cool pull-out & swivel tray on one unit meant for a tv, well a 1950s smallish tv - ours is way too big. We tried them together, we tried them apart, we tried them with the tv, without the tv, in the dining room, in the living room. Let me state that all the physical labor of these debates was carried out by yours truly. Aaron finally put his foot down and said we didn't always have to do what I wanted (which is true) and I caved and put everything exactly as he wanted. See the first picture. The cardboard box was added when Aaron realized that putting our new $250 DVD player and surround sound right at eye level with Emmett was not the best idea. Why doesn't he listen to me? The side table the tv is resting on is actually part of a teak coffee table set we have also managed to hang onto. Then, when it was apparent that the boys both loved getting stuff in & out of the sliding doors, all day long - Aaron decided we should go back to our old entertainment center until our kids are bigger. Husbands have the right to change their minds too!

Anyway, while Aaron was out of town this week I debated for 2 days what to do. I'm pretty much focused on the baby shower right now and finally told Aaron I was going to do whatever I wanted and that after the shower we could renegotiate. I stared and stared at my house and worked out 3 or 4 plans in my head for total furniture rearrangement. Then finally said, "screw it!" I pulled the small tv out of our room and just kept the wall units in place. Someday Aaron & I are hoping to get a plasma or something that is more rectangular and will fit well in the space. Ahhh, someday.

Once I get the frames and doo-dads up, I will post more pictures. I have been meaning to post some anyway, since some readers of this blog haven't actually been to my home. You should come visit!


Anonymous said...

Ella saw this picture and said, enthusiastically, "I like their parrot!" I think she means your eagle . . . Glad you got the bookcase figured out, for now. It looks great. L