Sunday, May 20, 2007

MMSM - '80s Fads

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My friend, Shannon, is hosting a weekly blog carnival called "Makes Me Smile Mondays" or MMSM. Check out her blog, What About Mom? for details or to join in. This week is devoted to Fabulous Fads of the '80s.

As much as I hate to pick a fad so close to Shannon’s pegged pants, the first ‘80s fad that came to mind was parachute pants. I probably think of this because at age 13 (’89) I fell in love with an older man. He was 18 and getting ready to go on a mission. He was the most popular boy in our ward; the best dresser & the best dancer. And naturally he wore parachute pants. With crazy patterns. And pegged legs. With white high top tennis shoes. You can see why I was so struck. I know that parachute pants were originally a little different, made out of nylon and usually solid colors. But I’m talking about the MC Hammer kind. For me this fad will forever be tied to my first love. TRB ♥s RJP Forever. Or at least for a few years.

I clicked on Shannon’s wikipedia link for ‘80s fads and almost decided to write about Garbage Pail Kids instead. In 5th grade (’87) I collected these cards and spent most of my recesses trading with other kids. This in the same year I met Lindsay and started attending ELP – where I cemented some lifelong friendships.

The ‘80s were so awesome! This site is fun too.


shannon said...

love the pants; are you sure that's MC Hammer's real website? those pictures look awfully amateurish and kinda hokey.

like the love story too; 5 years isn't much now, but back then that boy was almost 40% older than you!

Anonymous said...

i actually commented here yesterday, but it didn't post for some reason! as i was saying . . .

i love your age math, shannon! and i love that i've known tara long enough to know to whom the initials RJP belong.

my favorite 80s outfit involved a flourescent pink knit skinny tie (moment of silence), a matching skinny belt punched with tiny hearts end to end, and matching socks. radical.

how had i completely forgetten about the Garbage Pail Kids? and the fact that i was a due-paying member of the Ricky Schroeder Fan Club? and that my first music purchase was a casette tape of DeBarge? don't pretend like you don't know DeBarge, because you do: "and the wall/and the wall came tumblin' down!"