Sunday, May 13, 2007

MMSM - Mothers

My friend, Shannon, is hosting a weekly blog carnival called "Makes Me Smile Mondays" or MMSM. Check out her blog, What About Mom? for details or to join in. This first week is devoted to Mothers. It was hard to choose only one story about my mother, Sandee. I love you, Mom!

I have been blessed in this life with a wonderful mother who puts the needs of her husband and children above her own. Now that I have become a mother, I find myself wanting to be like her because my children deserve that same kind of selfless love. I have a long way to go, but I find myself instinctively duplicating some of my memories.

While I was growing up, my sweet mother made breakfast every weekday morning. But not just any breakfast, we had a schedule. Mondays were eggs, Tuesdays were French toast, Wednesdays were hot cereal, Thursdays were cold cereal (her work day), and Fridays were waffles – the favorite. Don’t forget Dad’s pancakes on Sundays. This probably answers a lot of questions about my love of breakfast. I try to provide the same delicious breakfasts for my boys. But growing up in my house did lead to one interesting habit that I hope to pass on to my children too.

My first year of college I realized there was a big difference between me and all my roommates. When I eat cold cereal, I pour my milk in first. Gasp! This is how my grandmother does it; this is how my mother does it; and naturally all her daughters do it that way too. While at least one of my sisters chose to break tradition to fit in with the rest of the world, I have always been proud of this little quirk that links me to my mother. And every time someone exclaims over my odd habit, it makes me smile and feel a little bit closer to my mom.


Anonymous said...

That's really sweet! My mother-in-law does something I always thought was strange: she eats cake in a bowl of milk. My husband does the same, even though he hates milk, because he just thought that's how one eats cake. LOL! I have never before or since seen anyone do that!


shannon said...

have you ever asked your grandmother or mother why they do this? kinda reminds me of the story of the wife cutting off the end of the pot roast before she puts it in the pan because her mom and grandma did.

seriously, you have to ask them; i've got to know if there's some deep purpose.