Friday, January 18, 2008


I know this is a silly name and some of my more sophisticated friends have made fun of it, but it's not like I named it. This website is dedicated to shopping, which I love - and has a whole community type of vibe, which I'm not into. But basically it is set up to make web lists. I dowloaded the little toolbar, which is just 2 buttons and fits on my existing toolbar. Then anytime I am at a website and want to mark something - you just hit the "Add to Kaboodle" button and it brings up a few options and saves the picture, description, etc. of your choice and has a spot to make notes. You can have lots of different lists, for the kids, for the home, clothes, beauty products, etc. Rather than saving a bunch of cut-outs from my magazines, I look up the products and save them here. I made myself a Christmas wish list and sent the link to Aaron & my mom - which was very productive since I received lots of the stuff on it. I hope they remember how much new moms deserve presents too! My Kaboodle Lists.


Jane said...

new moms deserve tons of stuff!!! i hope aaron is paying attention!

i bet marcy would love this. she is always looking at/listing stuff to buy. (in a good way)

jenuinejen said...

Interesting website. Thanks so much for sharing!