Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Shoes

Tara Thinks...

anyone who experiences carpal tunnel syndrome while pregnant should get cortisone shots. And new shoes. I got both on Friday. At my almost 36 weeks doctor appointment last Wednesday I got the happy news that I am dilated almost to 3 cm, and 75% effaced. If you don't know what that means... well, who cares. It means I have a better chance of delivering early, but not necessarily. Anyway, I have been suffering mightily and noisily with the carpal tunnel and told the doctor he either needed to induce me, or find me some relief. He vetoed the induction, but told me to feel free to seek a carpal tunnel treatment.

Thursday I called around to 10 or so orthopedists and asked about cortisone shots. Most couldn't get me in for 2-4 weeks, but one said, "how about tomorrow?" It was in Phoenix, but also happened to be within a mile of Last Chance, a great store for shoes that I've been trying to get to for 6 months. So I set up the babysitting (thanks Candice & Mom) and enjoyed a full afternoon to myself. Last Chance was pretty busy, as always, but my huge belly gave me a little forward press and I found plenty of cute shoes. Too many, but I pared it down to three. Which I knew was too many, but didn't care. Hey, I'm about to birth my 3rd son, I deserve it, right? I was looking at heels mostly, since all I've had to wear to church is flip flops, and I hate wearing those to church. But my lovely shoe collection has gone the way of Alden's afternoon nap - I have grown out of it. So, the 5 or 6 pairs of heels I had to choose from for church needed to be replaced. I will list my 3 new pairs as I described them to Shannon on IM last night. Gold high heels with a peep toe. Black suede low heels, with a Mary Jane strap and patent leather piping. And tan leather wedges, with some black detail stitching. She promptly made fun of my descriptions, but freely admitted she owns like 5 pairs of shoes and wears the same pair to church every week - so I wasn't exactly hurt. Just like I wasn't hurt when Aaron said the wedges look like old lady shoes - he's not exactly known for his cutting edge fashion advice.

Incidentally, my appointment at the orthopedist went great, I got a cortisone shot in each wrist. They took a couple days, but I am miraculously 90% better. My hands no longer keep me up at night - that job has been usurped by 2 monkeys who each feel the need to wake up 2 to 3 times a night. I'm sure it's all to get me ready for a baby who needs to be nursed half the night. Somebody tell me parents actually get to sleep all night some day!


Jane said...

so, i can appreciate each of those shoes in theory, and i'm sure you look super-cute in them, but i can't imagine ever wearing them myself. except maybe the wedges. what does Aaron know?

glad your carpal hands are better (sounds like a line from the Jabberwocky--"he took his vorpal sword in hand...")


Marcy said...

Glad you're posting again, Tara! Cute shoes! I've been looking for the perfect black heels and have been disappointed the last couple times I've been out. I like the looks of your black ones--I'm a sucker for Mary Janes and the heel doesn't look killer.

Good luck with the pregnancy!

Cire said...

Hey - I've always looked to Aaron for fashion advice! In a matter of fact, after the Diamondback's game I got a jersey off of ebay so that I could be like Aaron (who wore a jersey to the game)! What I didn't know is that he is up to date on his modern vs "old lady" shoe trends! Better watch out, he could be the next Carson! http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/how-look-good-naked