Thursday, February 7, 2008

Let's pretend this is my baby...

Let's face it - I'm not the world's greatest photographer. And as much as I would love to be more accomplished, I figure I'm good enough to chronicle our family and taking a class is low on my priority list right now. Although I would love to develop this skill when my time is a little more flexible, i.e. when the boys are all in school. One of my favorite blogs is A Little Sussy, by Nicole Hill. She is a fabulous (and professional) photographer who actually teaches classes on the side. Too bad she lives in Utah. As I checked her blog today I found this little gem of a photo shoot. Let's just pretend this is my new baby. I swear he looks just like that. And his pictures would too if Nicole had taken them. But Roley will just have to suffer through his mother's unprofessional enthusiasm, just like his brothers.


Jane said...

well, all i can say is Roley must be one fine child. my kids usually outgrow the splotchy rat-alien look just in time for the tiny white pimples and scaly cradle cap look.

let's see some more pictures of that boy. is he going to be a blondie like his brothers?