Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idols Neck-in-Neck (updated for WWMW)

I am updating a post I wrote last week to pose a question:
What is up with the scarves on American Idol?
As I am watching the girls perform right now, I am using my TiVo to check back on all those sporting scarves. This observation is in addition to my previous post, below. Amanda Overmeyer is the only girl wearing a scarf tonight - and I really like the metallic sheen. But I paused on a shot of the boys from the beginning and counted FOUR out of eight sporting neckwear, and I don't mean ties. Even the young David Archuleta is wearing a black scarf, in addition to David Cook (same as picture below), Jason Castro (wooly scarf to match the dreds) and David Hernandez (intricately tied with a tee shirt). Not saying I hate this trend - just seems weird to me. Anyone else?

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Apparently the big trend for this winter was scarves. I saw tons of cute ones while doing my Christmas shopping and even bought a few as gifts - unfortunately winter weather is over here in Arizona. But why should I care - on American Idol they sport their outerwear indoors! I'm not saying they don't look good (and I'm not saying they do) but does this seem a little strange to anyone else too? And they don't just wrap them around their necks; sometimes it involves intricate tying, wrapping, and/or strangling.


Jane said...

great, clever title!

maybe the person in the bottom right picture is trying to not spread germs?

Lindsay said...

i think you're onto something tara. it's almost as strange as simon's attempt to popularize what I like to call the "single antler pose." if you watched the last couple of episodes, you know exactly what i'm talking about. i still love idol. go big, brooke white!

Teri said...

I have my American Idol opinion on my blog! Check it out!