Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dell to the Rescue

Remember when I posted last December about how my laptop totally crashed, and then the Lord granted me a miracle and it started working again. It's still going, but has been crashing again lately. Aaron called me from work a couple weeks ago and said, "I bought you a new computer." I was like, okay - thanks for consulting me. But really I was so glad he didn't. Sometimes I think I'm all computer saavy, and sometimes I think I'm not - but sometimes I just don't care! Thanks, honey, for taking care of it for me. And the new system arrived yesterday, to be installed by Aaron and I last night. Couldn't afford to get a laptop with all the stuff we wanted, so I'm back to being chained to my desk. Hopefully the laptop will keep working as long as possible to allow wonderful things like surfing the internet in bed and IMing with Shannon while I watch tv. You know, for all the critical moments during American Idol. Although now we are in different time zones and it's killing me.

I'm discovering that I hate some of the colors of my new blog themes with my new fancy monitor- they are so ugly. Anyone else think that too?


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Well, I admit this brown is not my favorite. It's too "medium." I like a more chocolate brown or a lighter tan -ish or something.

Hooray for techie husbands!!