Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fight the Frump! A quick new look

I love the concept of this new blog carnival I found, hosted by Mrs. Fussypants. It's called Fight the Frump, and is of course run on Fridays. I need this. I went back and read all the linked-up posts from last week. I don't want to look frumpy, but usually I am just too lazy to look better. Or I don't place enough of a priority on it. (Pretty sure I could do my make-up 10 times during the time I spend checking blogs in the morning.) Or even occasionally, I am actually too busy taking care of three boys under the age of four. I need inspiration and the Fight the Frump carnival can provide it for me, and for you. Check it out!

So, my advice for fighting the frump this week, and I recently took this advice myself - get a new chic & fun haircut. Obviously it must be wash and wear, and it must fit your style and face shape - but get out there and find something new and fresh that will update your look and help you fight the frump. Look at celebrity cuts in magazines or online. Ask your hair stylist about ideas for what would look good on you.

Another great idea - get a new pair of sunglasses that you love. You will feel all cool, and they cover a multitude of problems like under-eye circles from lack of sleep, and the lack of make up.

Here's a picture of me with my new pair, and the new cut. I would have looked much better with a little make-up, especially lipstick - but... next time. See this post for my celebrity inspirations.


HRH said...

What a good idea. I love the idea of finding a pair of sunglasses that you are in love with. Something that brightens your day to put on.

Babby Mamma said...

I was just reading how big, even huge, sunglasses are all the rage. Cute hair!

Valarie said...

Welcome to Fight the Frump!!! Also I love your hair. Are you liking the bangs? I have a hard time with bangs. I always have to wear them to the side.

Darla said...


I just got a new hair style cut to look like Mika's on MSNBC. She's hosts the the "Morning Joe" show with Joe S.


Aaron said...

I'm all for the frump fighting. Especially on Fridays: date night!

Mackenzies Momma said...

I love those sunglasses! I wish I could get a 'cute' pair but alas I need prescription sunglasses and last time I bought a pair I liked they dissapeared 2 days later to never be found again.

fullheartandhands mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I'm so glad there are others out there with 3 children so close in age. My youngest is exactly six weeks today.

My jaw dropped when I read your spring cleaning list. Then, I laughed at the clean sheets part. I'm lucky to manage that when we have visitors.

Love the bangs.

I'll have to stop by again soon, maybe when the kiddos are sleeping.

Sarah said...

A cute new haircut is always a good thing! It makes you feel fresh for spring. I have also become addicted to sunglasses when I never cared before. It really helps on the old eye strain, not to mention just looking good!

Your cut looks great by the way!

Joy said...

Love me some cute sunglasses!! They are a necessity for me!!

Christine, Queen of the Crazies said...

Love the tip! I need new sunglasses. I lost my old ones, and they were prescription. Ruh-roh! They were a few years old, though. :-)