Monday, March 10, 2008

My New Look

After being forced to wear bangs for the first ten years of my life to cover a rather large birthmark, I understandably have gone with a bare forehead for most of the years since. But I've been needing a change, and since cutting my hair short is out (husband is typical guy - only likes long hair) and since my hair is starting to break and fall out already (typical post-partum for me) I decided to go with bangs. I was inspired by the following tv looks.

Nina Garcia, Fashion Director of Elle Magazine and judge on Project Runway. I didn't really notice her bangs until the Finale and when I went back to look at previous episodes, looks like she cut shorter bangs recently. But I like them. These pictures don't do her or her bangs justice, but they were all I could find.

Lindsay Price as Victory Ford on NBC's Lipstick Jungle. Victory has way more bangs than I want to deal with, and I'm sure her hair is much thicker than mine (everyone's is), but I like the overall look - especially how it's versatile: lotta bangs, some bangs, side-sweep, etc.

Frances O'Connor as Zoe Burden on ABC's Cashmere Mafia. I love Zoe's casual but stylish look. She doesn't look as high maintenance as the other characters, probably because she is the mom with young children - just like me! But her hair still always looks good and has the same versatility I described above.

So... my new look, two ways.
I like them, as does Aaron, and I was worried about him. At least they are something different. The only problem is they are already awfully hot on my forehead, and we're nowhere near 100 degrees yet - not to mention 115. I might be wearing a lot of headbands this summer.


Aaron said...

I think you are gorgeous! The best thing Tami has done to your hair in years :-) (Thanks Tami)

Candice said...

I like Aaron's comment, that's cute! I'm surprised that you cut bangs! I didn't even know you were thinking about it, WOW, you are braver (is that a word) than I am! But I really do like them, you're right, it is a good change.

Lindsay said...

Love, love your new look! It's a flattering style for you, and a nice change. Enjoy your chic new do!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

i would say you look like Shannen Dougherty in the right picture, but I'm not sure you'd take that as a compliment (i totally mean it as one, and not just because i used to love 90210, either).

you do look great, and tom said he was really impressed by your post -- the pictures you found and stuff. (he loves your new look too, of course).