Sunday, June 29, 2008

All About The Well-Rounded Woman

Welcome to The Well-Rounded Woman! As women, we find our lives very full and often sliced into many little pieces. We have developed a wide range of interests, hobbies, and skills, all of which help in our many roles and responsibilites. In running a family and maintaining a home we try to keep everything running smoothly without losing ourselves in the fray. This blog serves up slices of interest to the well-rounded women, including the following weekly features:

Beauty on a Budget
Jeans, shoes, dresses, bags, sunglasses, hair-products, make up, lotions - It takes work to look this beautiful, but the Well-Rounded Woman manages it without blowing her grocery money or more? The best products come from the drugstore. Read about favorite products, new finds, and merchandise that failed-to-impress.

Home and Family
Crafts, projects, activities, recipes, decorating & entertaining ideas, tips & tricks - all to keep the Well-Rounded Woman and her loved ones happy. Posts of all kinds pertaining to being a wife and mother and striving to maintain a beautiful and peaceful home.

Do It Herself
The Well-Rounded woman knows her way around basic tools. If you are pretty handy around the house, or want to be, check here for ideas about tackling projects from renovations to repairs, or just making your home look and function better.

Thanks for stopping by - The Well-Rounded Woman welcomes all readers! Please join the fun and share your own comments. If you like what you read, I would appreciate your support through a link on your blogroll or by adding this button to your sidebar. Copy the following text:

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On a personal note, I thought long and hard about what to name this blog and can document my thought process to the final concept. After moving from a weekly calendar to a round one, with seven pieces for the days of the week, I liked the idea of life being like a pie, with a million slices for all the things I spend my time and resources on. I moved to a eight sliced pie just for aesthetics and thought of how over-taxed well-rounded I am. I loved the name and was able to secure the domain. The week after I thought this all out, after many explanations to my husband and best friend, this Baby Blues comic strip ran in the Sunday paper. My husband brought it to me and said, "is this what you have been talking about?" Yes. He does listen. And I'm amazed that two men can understand this concept so well - they must be fathers. Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott give a very accurate accounting of what every day is like for many mothers. I chose to keep all my pie pieces equal, merely acknowledging all the slices of my life. Balance is another story. Find your own.

All About Me

Hi, I'm Tara. I am a mom to three small boys, wife to one wonderful husband, and the author of this blog. We are natives of hot & sunny Arizona and have both lived in the same square mile for 90% of our lives. I love Craftsman-era design, reading mystery novels, and wielding power tools almost as much as I enjoy a bag full of new shoes or blogging. I am particularly fond of lip products.

I love certain television shows and am currently running a weekly recap of Project Runway. I enjoy cooking and am lucky to have a foodie husband who constantly sends me recipes to try and lauds my efforts, great or small. I love writing about everything beautiful, neat, or handy. In fact, I'm finding that I like writing in general. I should have majored in English instead of Chemistry. I keep my eyes open for group writing projects or contests and this is my favorite piece so far. I'm thinking of expanding it into a book. But I might just think on that for a while.

Other interest and hobbies include design, entertaining, reading, sports, Mt. Dew, traveling, fonts, family, friends, and church. I struggle to find a good balance between all the areas in my life but I try to keep my family's interest first. But not necessarily cleaning. When I list all my interests I can see the diversity and call myself a Well-Rounded Woman. But I bet most of you are too.


Lady Lyn said...

What a great blog concept! Jane says you're so handy with the tools; I'm especially excited to see what you include in that area!

Aaron said...

The idea fits you well. I love my well-rounded woman!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

That cartoon is great!

I love the concept too, and esp. am curious about the tool section, myself, but only if you come demonstrate at my house someday.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Look at you with your own cool, new gmail account!

Mom said...

I've watched you grow into a sweet, smart, kind and beautiful daughter, wife and mother. Being from the older, computer-stupid generation, I'm so impressed and proud of you as I look at this blog and all you've done! I love you!!! Mom

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Fun to find your blog. Hope to be back often. :)

Shane said...

Hi, as what is said you are indeed a well-rounded woman. Your posts are very interesting. I'd like to show you this coloring site, your kids might love to use:)