Thursday, June 26, 2008

For the Love of Nature

I keep a list of fun kid activities and crafts and I add to it frequently with great ideas I find on other blogs. Some will be more successful when my boys are older. Some require a bit more time and preparation on my part. But I found these two ideas just this week and they would be perfect and easy for kids of any age. I have linked to both of these blogs, and included their pictures, but the basic idea is to make walks more fun and interactive for your kids. When I take walks with the boys, two of them are strapped in the stroller the entire time and would probably love a little something to do.

Michelle's idea takes a little bit of prep, but is reusable - use an egg carton to keep little treasures you find on your walk. You can color code the compartments and look for items to match, or use letters of the alphabet for older kids.

Laura's idea is very quick and easy - perfect for little ones but still fun for older kids. Take a piece of masking tape, sticky side out, and wrap it around your child's wrist to make a bracelet. They can attach all their interesting treasures to it.

The only problem with all these great suggestions is that I can't use them now. Don't these people know it's been over 110 degrees here for like three weeks! These ideas will go on our list for the fall. Unfortunately it doesn't cool off here until October or later. Sigh.


Scribbit said...

We did the bracelets last year too and they were fun--not quite so hot here though :)