Monday, June 23, 2008

Gryson for Target

One of the best ways to fight the frump is with a new accesory. Handbag, sunglasses, scarf - these all have the ability to transform your look and attitude with a minimum of cash and work. I first saw a Gryson for Target handbag in Lucky Magazine. It was the small, white, woven-leather bag and I thought it was so cute. And when I flipped to the back cover, there was a Gryson for Target ad with other great bags too. When I finally got to the store to check them out, this large, drawstring bag in a cool blue-grey (fake) leather is what reached out to grab me. The small ones were too shiny and pleather-y. And even though this bag isn't real leather, it's still soft and I love the white accents and absolutely adore the woven handles.

Aaron makes fun of me for loving huge bags - this one is bigger than my diaper bag. But that's the look I like and feel that I need as a Mom who has to carry things for myself and three small boys. I hate carrying more than one bag, so will probably only use this bags for special outings for now. But I think the color of my new Gryson for Target bag is perfect for fall, and hopefully by then I won't have to carry so much newborn paraphenilia and can make the switch permanently. I hope to post of picture of myself carrying the bag soon. And the best part - my bag retailed for $50, but is now on clearance for $25, a bargain in my book that qualifies my purchase as Beauty on a Budget!

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This weekend I am revealing my newly renovated blog space and concept! Please check back on Monday - I'll be having a Beauty on a Budget giveaway to kick things off.


Candice said...

I really like the bag, I want to see it in person.

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

I just bought 2 purses/bags on clearance. One is more for winter (red, soft leather) for $20. And one is lime green for summer $12.

I love a cute bag!!

Tracey_iPost said...

Gorgeous bag...I need to check that out next time I am at Target!

Abbreviated said...

Is it navy ?