Friday, July 18, 2008

The Before: Kids Wall Makeover

This has been a planned project for a couple of months now, and I've actually already started some of the sub-projects, with proper picture-documenting for a Friday Do It Herself post. So when I found BooMama's Before and After challenge I knew this would be perfect. Make sure you check out her blog for many other fun Before and After home projects. She did post that she is changing the end date of the challenge. So rest assured, if you want to join in, the deadline is NOT July 25th. Thank goodness, because I need more time! She's thinking of Labor Day weekend - so check back for periodic updates on my project.


The two beautiful boards you see on the wall are our version of draperies. It seems when we did some creative furniture placement in our boys' room they thought it would be fun to pull the existing draperies out of the wall as quickly as possible. And then quickly make confetti out of the mini-blinds. It turns out I am not fond of waking at 4:45am, which is when the sun rises here and wakes my little monkeys up. My husband and I discussed options and then made a run to Home Depot and purchased two sheets of MDF that just cover up the windows. They're ugly but we're all sleeping much longer now. But to hide and spruce up our solution, here is the list of things that need to be done.
  1. Paint the boards the same color as the walls.

  2. Secure one board to the studs but find some kind of latch for the other - you know, in case there is a fire. Or in case Mom locks herself in the boys room (the locks were long ago reversed to the outside) and needs a quick escape route. This may or may not have already happened.
  3. Add some functional and fun display ideas. Here is my inspiration:

This picture is from Company Kids. Of course they don't sell it, which is fine because although their stuff is fabulous, I really can't afford it. But I can afford to dream, can't I?

Hooray! I finished this project. See the final reveal at the After post.


Honey Mommy said...

That looks really cute. My boys rooms have boring, boring white walls. I should do something like this to spruce them up!

Memarie Lane said...

Great idea! I've been thinking about getting Wallies or something for my kids' room. The miniblinds are a problem, but my son really loves watching the birds in the tree outside his window so I' feel terrible covering them up.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Makes me want a house (you know, instead of just a yard).

Can't wait to see the final pictures!