Thursday, July 3, 2008

In Purple, Please

After waving goodbye to my dear husband and son today, I dashed in to relax for a few minutes and then started my list of errands for the afternoon. I'm proud to say I accomplished all except one - why do cell phone companies always have to make everything so complicated? I belong to the Verizon network and have yet to complete a visit to the Verizon store in less than forty five minutes. And whenever salespeople help me it seems like they spend 75% of the time staring down at their computer screen and click-clicking away 25 million times. Literally. Their software must be awful.

I went in for a new phone because it's time for my discounted upgrade and I recently lost my charger and have using my husband's. He is tired of sharing and almost the last thing he said to me before he left was "Please look into getting a new phone!" So during the baby's nap I checked it all out online. The one I thought I wanted was only $20 with my discount. After four other successful errands, including one to Auto Zone for my Do It Herself post on Friday, I dropped in at the Verizon store. I was helped quickly and after looking at a few of the other phones I confirmed the one I wanted (In purple, please!) and tried to purchase it. There were problems with the account, since I'm not the primary of the family plan, and it took a few minutes to work through everything. In the meantime I checked out bluetooth headsets, having always wanted one. The cheapest one was $50 - too much! Then I spotted it, with a glowing halo around the package - a bluetooth headset and car charger combo for only $35! My cell phone dreams coming true. Then the nice man typing away at his computer frowns and asks, "how much did you say this phone is supposed to be?" Twenty Dollars! Uh, oh. At the Verizon store they want $100 - then offer a mail-in rebate for $50. Everyone knows those rebates are a crock. It's pretty much impossible to meet all the requirements in the right time frames and still live a normal life.

I am home now without my beautiful, new, fancy phone. But I ordered one online for $20 and am hoping it is everything I ever dreamed about. The good news is, the headset combo - only $15! What a steal. I swear I didn't steal it. I can't wait to try it out with my new purple phone.