Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Runway Take 2 - Green Fabrics

I'm writing a lot of this post while I watch Project Runway tonight, so it might be a bit free-form and stream-of-consciousness. And it jumps from present to past tense in a hopefully not too annoying way. Cause I'm fun like that.

I think the model point of view and it's evolution has been interesting through the seasons. The first season the designers seemed to pick different models every challenge, at least until it got down to the final five or six designers. That has changed over time, with huge drama over the stealing of other designers' models. Last season the models seemed to be very behind the scenes, without much emphasis on their point of view. So this episode starts off with a big spotlight on the models; these beauties got to be the clients and actually do all the fabric shopping.

I'm so not a green person, but I try to respect those who are, rather than make fun of them. Green fabrics are great though, they're the already classic ones - cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, hmmm... can't think of any others.

Is anyone else having a hard time differentiating between Emily and Kenley? Just in the looks department, not necessarily design. And Jennifer and Leanne are quite similar to me also. Kind of soft-spoken with a small town vibe.

Blayne looks very cheap surfer-dude to me. With a gap tooth and squinty eyes. The -licious is getting very old already.

I guess Keith will be the Mormon favorite, being from Salt Lake City. With a classic last name like Bryce, you gotta think he comes from pioneer stock. My own 3 greats-grandfather was Ebenezer Bryce, whom Bryce Canyon National Park is named after. Since we're famous like that, we used Bryce for the middle name of our oldest son. I liked Keith's dress tonight, but it was very middle-of-the-pack.

Natalie Portman is so cute. Just finished watching Star Wars Episode 1-3 last week with my husband and she was the highlight of the series. And her costume designers were so great. My favorite was the white wrap jump-suit kind of thing. She could really move in it!

I was suprised the judges liked Stella's dress, it seemed older rocker-chick style with the one long-sleeve and the laced side. Like a throw-back from the 90s. But it certainly looked like Stella. I thought they should have picked Terri's dress instead for the top three - she did a cute belt like Kenley, but used a navy fabric and had a ruffled collar. And I thought that Kenley should have won the challenge; I loved her classic design with the fun, high collar.

It's seriously annoying how Suede refers to himself in the third person. Can they start beeping that out like they do with the cursing? But I have to admit, his dress was great! It was young and hip and Natalie loved it. Although I didn't pick him to win the challenge, there is no question that Suede went from the bottom to the top in one week. Guess we'll have to put up with his third person references for a while longer.

We say auf Wiedersehen to cute little Wesley and his short-shorts. His dress was awful and he knew it. He got stuck with the boring fabric that some of the other designers worked with, but none of them made it look so mangled. This looks like one of my projects gone very bad. Funny how he looks like his model below.


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

What a great recap post. Feel like I was actually there! And I have to admit that I'm really surprised (and impressed!) that there's so much to discuss about a fashion show. (Yes, I know that shows just how ign'ernt I am).

chronicler said...

Wesley very deservingly went home! I love your recap. I loved what Michael Kors said, "satin should look like no hands touched it and this looks like its had 20 hands all over it". The best line so far this season.

Michele said...

Great re-cap of the episode! Kenley's dress was also my favorite. I was hoping that she would win the challenge. You are right though, Suede's dress was young and hip (it was my second favorite). The whole third person things is VERY annoying. I would rather listen to the bleeps.