Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Runway Take 3 - NY Nite Life

Man, I have stuff to write about even before this episode starts.

Earlier in the week I saw Bravo's Project Runway website report that shorty-shorts Wesley and Daniel are dating. And now I can't find anything about it but it certainly explained Daniel's comments about "connecting" with Wesley and being sad that he is gone.

Keith Bryce - good to know he is from Mormon stock and so far he's not trashing the church or his family. I like that he is well-spoken and doesn't use as much slang as most of the designers do - he seems so much more professional. Probably because he is! Thanks to Your Heart Out, I found Keith's website, Filthy Gorgeous: Urban Couture Clothing and Artist Network. Certainly not my style, but interesting to check out. The website seems to be a work in progress because although the structure is there, the content is mostly empty.

I love it when they give the designers cameras - they always find cool stuff. And it's nice to focus on New York since this is the last season here and LA is sooo different. I hope the show isn't ruined, but it could be really cool. When I finally get to New York City I really want to go visit Mood - it's cool to see what they have and I'm glad the designers finally got to pick their own fabrics - we see each of their visions better.

Bravo's website is great, but be warned. If you are watching the episode later than East Coast time, you might spoil it for yourself. I went online to vote about Tim's new catch-phrase and they showed the loser on the sidebar! Ouch, I was so sad - I hadn't even seen the dresses on the runway yet. I love Tim Gunn! He was so funny with the Holla At Cha Boy thing. Check out this picture of him. Tim thought Jerrell should have made the top three, according to his blog. I actually loved his comments on all the designs, because we don't always get to hear what he thinks about the final designs.


Thoughts During the Show

There sure are some pretty girls this season - I love Kenley's look with the 30s and 40s aesthetic. She seems very talented and knows her own mind - I think she'll go far. Emily is very pretty too, but seems too cliche and wishy washy.

Terri has been pretty quiet so far, but it's nice to learn a little more about her. I wish the producers would give us more info on all the designers sooner - it makes me care more and it keeps people watching.

Stella, or Cheroin, as they call her, is pretty annoying to me - why does she not even know how to use a camera? She seems too old and out of it to be on Project Runway. And she's totally a one-trick pony. Her "leatha" outfit was awful, and apparently not even real leather (they only had $100). Why was she not in the bottom three?

Thoughts During the Runway Show

*I loved Leanne's skirt - and she came up with a basic black tank that didn't distract from it.
*Jennifer's dress is ugly!
*Yikes, so is Kelli's.
*Daniel's dress was okay - but am I the only one who thinks his model isn't very pretty. I mean, she has a gorgeous face, but her hair is awful. She just doesn't look much like a model to me.
*Why would Kenley make her model's hips look so big? A goiter - Sandra Bernhardt is so funny.
*Oh, I really like Korto's outfit - I'm glad she did pants and it still looks appropriate for night.
*I was worried about Terri's dress, but I thought it was cool in the end. Certainly different. And the judges loved it too!

The Best and Worst

Keith, Jennifer and Emily made up the bottom three and I certainly didn't like any of them. Although I really didn't like Kelli's or Stella's either - they were both worse than Keith's. I thought Jennifer's dress was the worst, but Emily's was pretty bad too. It's interesting to hear her say how great her dress was, even after she lost! Auf Weidersehn, Emily.


Terri, Leanne, and Kenley were the top three. I like how the judges commented on Leanne learning from the critique last week but keeping her own point of view still. Leanne's bangs are awful - her hair is kind of flat and boring. But I love her because I'm afraid that's exactly how my hair looks like 90% of the time! Except back in a ponytail. And I liked her design the best, but Kenley's was interesting too - and very original. But only suitable for wafer-thin models.


P.S. - Did the judges get to see the inspiration photos? Thanks to Bravo for the pictures!

Did everyone else get the American Express commercial with Diane Von Furstenburg? I've seen it before but still love it. I think she is an amazing designer and love her clothes. I hope to own one of her dresses someday - they are classic and I could justify the expense because it would be beautiful forever!

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Michele said...

I was wondering the same thing about the pictures...did the judges factor that in when reviewing the dresses?

Also thanks for the links. I'll have to check that out.