Friday, July 11, 2008

Stencils, Silhouettes & domino tips

I used to subscribe to domino magazine, which is from the same publishers as Lucky. But after a few years of looking longingly at things far above my budget, I dropped it. I still frequent their website and found a great photo gallery this week entitled, cheap decorating tips from domino readers. They featured 31 projects that readers sent in - most in the DIY category, and most fairly inexpensive. Some are a bit kitschy, a few were silly in my opinion, some you could never reproduce unless you are an extremely talented artist (see #6) but I found several great tips too. My favorite tip was the stenciled silhouettes featured above. I love silhouettes and created one of each of my sons that I have framed.

I also love the idea of stenciling, though I have not been brave enough to try it yet. In the early days of this blog I wrote a post about stenciling in my living room, asking for opinions on a design. Still planning to do it - which design do you like best?

At this page I like Casablanca, Celestse, and Poppy Frieze (click on the design names on the left)

I like Ivy Pergola and Mission Spirit on this page at the same site.
By the way, the website featuring the stencils is The Craftsman Homes Connection & I am pretty much in love with every one of the thousands of items there. I would put the images here but they are copyrighted - but please check them out and let me know which stencil you like best.


Lady Lyn said...

Go for the stenciling! I did it in my last house and even though it wasn't perfect I was proud of it. It adds a nice touch.

Candice said...

My favorite one is the Poppy Frieze stencil.

The Fegers said...

I don't know about stensiling. That scares me. It takes long enough just to paint a room with one coat of paint.
I like the bathroom walls though. For your readers like me who would rather pay someone for home made work, my cousin does sassy sillouettes.
I'm going to do it as gifts for my friend. (Of her two kids).