Monday, August 18, 2008

Bracelet du Jour

I love a good fashion accessory and have been coveting all the cute, beaded jewelry I see out there in the stores and even on people's blogs. There are some very talented people making genuinely good stuff, but that doesn't mean this Well-Rounded Woman on a Budget can afford to stock her jewelry box with beautiful baubles. So when my crafty sister-in-law said she was making bracelets in her weekly class, I jumped on board. She even provided all the supplies.

These bracelets are the easiest thing to make, and only took me about five minutes each. The funnest part is picking out the beads. Michaels has a ton to choose from and my sis/teacher let me pick from dozens of great ones she had already purchased. You buy clear elastic made for jewelry, cut a piece about twice as big as your wrist, stretch it out five or six times, and start stringing. This is the creative part!

One good reason to use a longer elastic is because you can just keep both ends of the elastic open. I only dumped all my beads off once! Or you can secure one side to the table with a piece of tape to prevent losing your creative genius. String for a bit and keep testing the bracelet on your wrist. If you make your bracelet the same size as your wrist there will be plenty of stretch in the elastic to put it on and off. When you are happy with the arrangement of beads and the length, you just tie the ends together in a knot and secure the knot by covering it with a few drops of Superglue. Once the glue is dry you can cut the loose ends short and the knot will hardly be noticeable between the beads.

I love my pink bracelets and have been wearing them together a couple times a week. If you make a bracelet, e-mail me a picture!


Jennie said...

I love the bracelets! Good work! It looks like you are having a ball! Are you going to make any more?

Abbreviated said...

Cute !