Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Thankful for the Buses

The other day I was out running errands with my boys. We hit the libarary and were heading to Sam's Club at about 5 o'clock. As I was stopped at a light, I watched a group of people standing in the shade of a tree, waiting for the bus. It pulled up just then and a little hispanic mother shepherded several children onto the bus, all while clutching an umbrella stroller and a baby. I checked the temperature gauge in my car and it read 118 degrees. I was sweating with the air conditioning blasting.

I had to say a little prayer of gratitude for my car and my ability to drive anywhere I need to go in relative comfort. Sometimes I worry about the heat exposure to my children for the small amount of time it takes to go from the parking lot to a store. Or about putting them back in the car afterwards - it's like an oven in there. I look forward to owning a mini-van someday because there are AC vents in the back seats. And often I complain about the heat and the fact that I feel like I never get dry for about four months. But today I was thankful for our easy life, and the large and small things we take for granted.

Maybe that mother waiting for the bus was thankful too. She might imagine a life without any transportation at all except her own two feet. She might be grateful for the stroller to save her back from the aches of carrying a baby all the time. And she might be saying, "I'm thankful for the buses."

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Aaron said...

I remember riding the bus in Florida and as I rode, I'd look around sometimes are realize that I was the only white person on the bus or that I dressed much nicer than anyone else there or that I was probably the only one with a "white-collar" job. It gave me perspective when I thought I had a poop job, didn't make enough money, or was just frustrated that we just had one car at the time. I'm grateful now for my own commuter car to drive down to work whenever I want. Yet, I still try to take the bus to work whenever I can. It gives me a chance to think, remember and be grateful.

Candice said...

I remember when I lived in Russia and relied on public transportation for everything. I had to walk about a mile to the metro strop, as did most people. I remember thinking how lucky we were back home that we all had cars that we could get into after walking a few steps from our front door. We didn't have to walk a long ways in sub zero temps on slick ice. (or in our case, roast in above 100 degree temps in the blazing hot sun). I remember thinking that I would never complain about not finding a parking spot closer to the building, that I would be content to park a little farther away and walk. I'd just be grateful to have a car to drive to the building. We are so spoiled!

Jennie said...

Great post! It really made me think about what we SHOULD be grateful for- actually my husband and I are blessed to have a car that we share. Sometimes I forget in my wish to have my own car.