Monday, August 18, 2008

One-Armed Cook Winner!

I just used to choose the winner of The One-Armed Cook, which has been waiting impatiently on my bookshelf to find it's new home. And as random luck would have it, the winner is commenter #18, Becky.

I am really excited because I kind of know Becky in real life. She lives across the street from my Mom and when my Mom was telling Becky that I have a blog (thanks, Mom!) she asked for my phone number and gave me a call. Becky has a great blog here and just published a book called, Adventures with the Word of God. It's all about reading the scriptures with your children and looks like it will be successful for even my small children. We actually started yesterday! Becky graciously gave me a book to review, so look for that review coming up, along with another giveaway for your own copy.
Congratulations, Becky! And thanks for saving me a little money on shipping.


Becky said...

Yea for me! Thanks so much and I appreciate your willingness to review it. I hope your September one goes well!