Sunday, August 10, 2008

Project Runway Take 4- Go For the Gold

I am finally getting to my PR recap, only four days late! Today is my anniversary (love you Honey!) - we've been married seven years. My generous, lovely Mom took all three of my boys Friday afternoon until Saturday night - yes, she is a saint. I'm also pretty sure she will have to be hospitalized for exhaustion, but we hope she feels better soon. Aaron & I enjoyed ourselves chillin' in our own home and going out for some great eats and shopping. Anyway, that's I'm late with my recap - now on to the important stuff.

As soon as they announced the challenge for this week I was so excited. The Olympics are so big and the designers should count it as a priviledge to design for the US athletes, even if it was just pretend. Ralph Lauren did a wonderful job on the Opening Ceremonies outfits for the US. Very classic American, very Ralph Lauren.

I was so blown away with some of the designers complaining about the challenge. "Oh, I only do couture! I'm too fancy for sportwear." Give me a break! But grocery store challenges are more up your alley? These designers come to Project Runway knowing what to expect - this is the 5th season people! And it was too bad about the people who said they've never watched the opening ceremonies. I know not everyone is into it - but the Olympics are HUGE and you think they would have seen something sometime. At least they got to check out the museum with all the pictures from past Olympics. But maybe that's why so many of them got stuck in the past with their designs. I loved Korto's statement about living and designing for the present, not the past.

For once I agree completely with the judge's picks for the top and bottom three.

Joe's skort outfit was good, but obviously not the same caliber as the other two. It was really close between Korto and Terri for me. I kind of like Korto's modern edge a little more, but feel like Terri's look is closer to what Olympians generally wear for the Opening Ceremonies.

Holy cow - these are the worst dresses for the Olympics, EVER! I actually liked Jerrell's look (sans hat & leggings) and even Daniel's dress - but totally not for the Olympics. I didn't like Jennifer's look at all and wasn't suprised she was sent packing. Auf Weidersehn!

~~~~~~ GO U.S.A. ~~~~~~~

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Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Those bottom three outfits definitely explain why fashion is a mystery to me.

But, I need you to label the pictures better for me. I don't know who's who or who's dress is whose?

Jennie said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!