Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Runway Take 5 - It's a Jungle Out There (Or a Blue Lagoon)

I often have mixed feelings about Brooke Shields. She is undoubtedly beautiful, she's a pretty good actress and has played some great characters. I like that she is a Mom and represents some good Mom-type products. But she just kinda doesn't do it for me. I love Lipstick Jungle and am really glad it will be coming back but I like the other two characters much more than Brooke's.

I think this was an great challenge, with the best part being the winner's prize of seeing their look on Lipstick Jungle this fall. It's always interesting to see the designers work together on a look. Especially when half of them didn't get picked by Brooke and were already a little vulnerable - then PR jumps in with the old playground trick of picking your teams. I think it was natural that Stella got chosen last but she actually worked quite well with Jerrell and they almost won.

The best Stella-moment in this episode was her face when Brooke said, "You know, this look has to work for the office too." It was like Stella had no concept of a place where tight leather wouldn't be appropriate.

Kenley's laugh is getting to me, especially after they drew so much attention to it last week but she seemed to be a good counterpoint to Keith and they came up with a great look. I think the thing that set their design apart was that not everyone could pull it off. Like Terri's outfit was cute, but I might even be able to wear it. And I think lots of people could look good in Jerrell's outfit. But, most people would look terrible in Keith's design - but on a model, or Brooke Shields/Wendy Healy it looks fabulous and extraordinary! Congrats, Keith.

Another favorite moment for me was Kenley laughing when Daniel said he has impeccable taste and that the bad outfit below was all Kelli. I can't believe Kenley did that in front of the judges, she has got to control that laugh, but I agreed with what she was saying earlier in the show about how Daniel hasn't shown any of that impeccable taste yet. I wish both Kelli and Daniel could have been sent home. But as the designer, Kelli is Auf!

But as much as I hated Kelli's outfit - Blayne's wasn't much better, just in a totally different way. Did he not look at the dossier of Lipstick Jungle? How on earth does he think Wendy Healy can wear shorts to the office?!? The top wasn't bad, but who can even see that over the shorts - which were not even cute. I don't know why Brooke picked his design at all. Sometimes I get a little impatient and just wish they could kick like four people off at a time because you know they won't last much longer. But I guess that's the point - you never know what people will turn out next week. So, here's hoping we get some great stuff next time!


Becky said...

Thanks for being willing to review my book--I love PR too (though I have to watch it on YouTube since we don't have cable). Loving your blog!