Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway Take 6 - Drag Me Down

Hmmm, drag queens are so not my thing. They kind of make me shudder. Call me close-minded, call me non-PC, but I was turned off by this episdoe. The runway show was interesting though and I'm so glad to finally get ride of Mr. Impeccable Taste-Pink Tie. I don't know what else to say. I just want to know where they find shoes to fit the "models."

The judges liked Joe's pink sailor outfit and Terri's kimono-esque design. Did you see how mad Terri was that she didn't win? I thought Joe was the clear winner and the judges agreed. Korto also did a good job but I can't post the picture of her queen - WOW! And not in a good way (for me). I didn't care for the Kimono job, and actually liked Suede's green Hedda Lettuce outfit and Kenley's silver & feathered Marilyn Monroe dress better than Terri & Korto's designs.

In the bottom three were Jerrell, who was definitely the best of the worst, Keith with another fringey dress, and Daniel, with a pretty flamenco dress that once again, completely ignored the challenge. Can you say - Can't follow directions. Keith was lucky to skate by - it's amazing how fast you can go from the best to the worst. He better come up with something new next week. But thank goodness the judges agreed with my expert opinion of Daniel's inflexibility. Auf Weidershen!



Becky said...

Totally agree with your analysis. This episode was not "fun" for me--drag queens are a huge drag. I thought they chose the right guy to leave, though.

chronicler said...

I am so doing the happy dance that Mr. Impeccable taste has been shown the door. Now he can go cry somewhere else.

It was a weird episode. I remember the first time I saw a drag queen, vividly. I was only 16, and thought the girl standing next to me on sunset blvd had the hairiest arms ever! hehehe

I am glad Joe won. He took time to get to know the model, understand what she wanted and pretended it was a halloween contest. That's what Mr. Impeccable taste should have done. but no, he has such good taste he wanted shim to look like a prom date instead.

Donna said...

I agree with your opinions on this episode, too... then again, I've thought this entire season has been pretty weak thus far. And I so want Keith to just go away. I'm so tired of "fringe."