Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway Take 7 - Fashionable in Saturn

After watching this week's episode of Project Runway, I just have a few questions:

When did Heidi get sent to prison? That dress she wore when she introduced the challenge was pretty awful, it looked like a dress version of prisoner's stripes. Good thing she has a rockin' body though - and she's beautiful! I continue to be impressed with her.

Why is it that all the guys that are left are so weird? Blayne has got to go, but his designs just aren't bad enough, you know what I mean? Suede's stuff is okay, everyone just hates his third person habit, though I noticed it has gotten better. Kieth must get over the fringing soon and Joe just isn't edgy enough. I imagine Joe is the only straight guy there, and have been glad to see him do well in a few challenges. I keep forgetting about Jerrell, who has had some decent stuff too - I'm reserving judgement on him. But I do think the girls are much better.

When will the designers get to do a challenge with beautiful fabrics instead of groceries, recycled materials, candy, or car parts? As far as innovation challenges go, this one was pretty cool. The designers came up with some amazing garments out of crazy stuff. Did you see the sneak peek for next week? Diane von Furstenburg is a favorite of mine! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for full-on beautiful dresses and designs.

Why is Kenley so destroyed by the change of models? She is not the first designer this has happened to - and other people have had it happen at the last minute.

What is up with Jerrell's clothes? He looks like a vagabound most of the time and wears some really strange hats. And his necklines... beyond the boundaries of what I want to see. But he did come up with a stellar mini-dress this week (on the right, below)and made the top three. I really liked the suded and the black leather inserts trimmed in silver.

Where can I buy Korto's coat design? Except in lightweight satin or something that doesn't weigh 60 pounds. Rachel Zoe (Who is she?) wanted to take it home too (above, left). And speaking of guest judges, it was great to see Laura back. She has such classic taste.

Why did it take Leanne so long to win a challenge? She has done some fabulous work and continues to grow on me. I loved her dress this week, although I kind of hate this picture. The close-up shot is much better. I hope we get to see a full collection from her at Bryant Park. Congratulations, Leanne!

On to the losers...

What did Blayne think his dress was going to look like? The bodice fit was so bad, it was very distracting. I loved Michael Kor's comment about the bottom looking like a car wash. I was glad to see someone use some mirror though.

How much longer can Stella skate by in the bottom three? And how does she think she can wear wide, horizontal stripes as leggings? With black, leather panties over them. Where can I throw up?

Why is Keith such a whiny baby. He was so offended that the judges can't "see his vision" and that he has to tailor his designs to them. So he reigns himself in, during a challenge in inovation - bad idea. And he was so defensive during judging, blaming everyone else for his boring design. Who does he think he is?

Auf Weidershen, Keith! Let's look back through his designs.


Memarie Lane said...

Until recently, Rachel Zoe was a very respected "stylist to the stars." She made the really STUPID mistake of saying in an interview that she had more influence on fashion than Anna Wintour. HELLO, did you not READ The Devil Wears Prada? Big mistake! Ever since she has been blackballed pretty much across the board.

chronicler said...

Great post!

The Rachael Zoe person seems to have come out of no where and now has a show on Bravo so of course she had to be a judge. hmmmm.

Your roundup is pretty good. I thought Korto was robbed. Everyone gushed about that coat and then gave the win to Leanna. What?!? The coat is a classic style I've seen others do I think it was a good Diane VonFurstenburg and if she'd been the judge this week instead of next she may have gotten the win.

Leanne's was good, but I think if the judges had seen the inside of that dress they probably would have given her the pass.

Jerrel's was good except the left side of the dress top looked small than the right and I kept worrying that is was going to fall down.

Keith was obviously going home. He just doesn't have the stamina he needs right now. Hopefully he'll mature and quit blaming SLC for his shortcomings.

Most disappointing to me was Stella. Leather, rubber and netting. This was her challenge to win and she blew it big time. She keeps telling us how "rock" she is and then when it comes to actually using leather, bleh. totally blew it.