Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping, Shopping Everywhere... (and not a credit card statement in sight)

I have been on a serious shopping kick lately, and my husband is about to take away all one of my credit cards. And my debit card. Because even when I am getting the smoking-est deals on everything, $5 items start to add up.

I don't go into Walmart often anymore, although it was a bi-weekly occurrence when I lived in Florida. But since the others stores closed at 9pm and there was a Walmart right across the street, I happily moved my car to the other end of the parking lot and ran in. And felt like I hit the jackpot! Sometimes I really love that place. They have some super-cute stuff for super-cheap. Check out some of my finds.

I'm really trying to get into the green thing as much as I can, which for me means using our recycle bin. And I want to stop using plastic grocery bags. In the past (like, last week) we have used them to wrap dirty diapers, but I feel like we have a lifetime supply saved up now (only about 2 years until we're done with potty training altogether!) and I'm ready to stop adding to the landfills. It seems like every store sells a reusable tote now, and I just started buying a few at Sprouts, where they are only $1 each. But I found these darling ones at Walmart and want to buy three or four. They are half off the original price of $10. Okay, for $5, maybe I'll just buy one or two.

Remember OP? Those short-shorts and cool surfer styles. This line is still going strong and is sold exclusively at Walmart. I loved these corduroy tote bags! There were a bunch of styles but I couldn't find them on the website - hence the terrible picture from my phone. You get the idea though. This Star Wars shirt is coveted by my husband and 4yo son alike - even though they only come in boys sizes. They were mysteriously missing at my Walmart and are sold out online. For $7 though, I will be checking back!

My other Walmart finds are collegiately related. My husband and I are from different Alma Maters and have a very good-natured rivalry. But since we live here in Arizona, the Sun Devils win out more often. I think it's just because it's so easy to get ASU stuff at Walmart here! This trip I finally picked up a baseball hat ($9) for myself, that my husband has been begging for me to get. It makes a tiny concession to femininity and uses pink lettering. I wanted a picture and thought I'd throw in the beautiful scarf/wrap I found at Marshalls. It's hardly ever cold enough here but I fell in love with it and it was only $10. Once I got it home I discovered it was 75% cashmere and 25% silk and was thrilled to find it a permanent place in my closet. I promise I will never wear the hat and scarf together again. And I found this sweet backpack for Aaron! He was so excited for the early b-day gift and will be using it to carry work stuff back and forth.

And to what do I owe my shopping inspiration? My favorite magazine, Lucky, of course. The September issue is usually my favorite, and the thickest of the year. I love the little sticky tabs Lucky and domino provide, and this is what my Sept. issue looks like now. Let me share a few wonderful things.


Jennie said...

I LOVE Walmart- you are such a smart shopper! Those are really cute bags- and I remember OP!!! Cute photo too!