Monday, September 15, 2008

Beautiful Baby

My Monday post is supposed to be about Beauty on a Budget. Well, I have some beautiful stuff for you today and it will definitely be within your budget. These baby pictures are absolutely lovely and they free for you to enjoy!

My dear friend, Lindsay, recently gave birth to her third gorgeous girl. She is lucky enough to have a budding photographer for a friend and they put together a photo shoot that made me smile, sigh, swoon, and ahhh. It helps that Lindsay lives in an amazing three story colonial home with beautiful grounds and a writer's retreat cottage in the back. Let's see if I can find a picture from last fall when I went to visit. Ah, here it is. Nice, huh?

Here are a few of the hundreds of fantastic shots of the baby. I'm not sure how they will choose ones to print. Maybe they will make collages and wallpaper their house with them. I would.