Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'll Be Watching You (on TiVo)

I get positively giddy sometimes with the thought of new television in the fall. I've checked out all the networks' websites and listed my picks. I have to check the websites since I don't watch commercials anymore - thank you TiVo, my best friend. (Except for you.)

90210 - The big premiere was last week and I watched it. There were some interesting & nostalgic parts, but it seemed a little flat and boring. I think the spoiled, rich girl has the most potential. It was fun to see a few familiar faces (Jenny Garth, Shannen Doherty, and that actor that played Nat from the Peach Pit) and there are some very attractive new faces too. Let's hope their writers are good.

America's Next Top Model - We're into Cycle 11 now. This is a long-time favorite of mine, but I really hope they do something different and better soon or I might stop watching. The premiere was last week and is waiting for me on my TiVo.

Gossip Girl - This popular show is starting its second season. I didn't watch a single episode but am thinking about trying it out this year - the fashion alone should be worth watching.

Privileged - This show looks interesting, but I will reserve judgement (and setting a Season Pass on my TiVo) until I watch a few episodes

House - My fave! Can't wait for the 5th season premiere on the 16th.

Fringe - Looks like a super-thriller. Could be the next Lost so I want to get in on it early before it goes big.

Kath & Kim - This could be funny; it's being touted as another The Office. Molly Shannon & Selma Blair certainly have potential.

Knight Rider - I will be watching this with my husband but I'm not sure I'll keep following it. I guess it depends on how taken I am with the new Michael, Justin Breuning. Premieres Sept. 24th

Law & Order - I've been following SVU for a few years, but love this show anytime, any version.

Lipstick Jungle - Can't wait to see the second season of this NY power woman classic. Talk about Well-Rounded Women! There are some seriously beautiful people on this show.


CSI: NY - the best of the three, in my opinion. Will Danny & Lindsay ever get together? I still stay up with the original CSI: LV a bit too.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - This is the most overlooked comedy on tv. I think this show is hilarious and am so glad it's coming back for another season. You have to watch the episode with guest star George Costanza (what's his real name?) who plays Christine's gynecologist. So funny! Why doesn't CBS show full episode videos like everyone else?

CBS does have a great feature on it's website - full length episodes of classic television shows like Beauty and the Beast, Beverly Hills 90210 (totally have to watch those again), Family Ties, The Love Boat, MacGyver, Star Trek, and The Twilight Zone.

I wish ABC had kept Cashmere Mafia. Too much competition with Lipstick Jungle I guess.


Susan said...

Hey - we saw your name in the paper! It's great that everyone is doing so much for that poor family.

I'm looking forward to some good tv, too. We're going to be checking out Fringe, as well as Lost and all our other favorites. I enjoy CSI:NY as well, but I'm getting a little sick of the Danny/Lindsay storyline. She could SO find somebody better.

Becky said...

I am looking forward to the return of Psyche and a few others. But I have to admit I am still mourning the loss of my favorite Gilmore Girls. I did watch the premiere of ANTM last week. The robot theme was a bit annoying.

The Giffords said...

So I was reading about NieNie in the AZ Republic and came across your name. I was hoping it was you and not someone else with your name. I have to say I love blogging because I get to reconnect with people I had lost track of. It's good to see that you and your family are doing well.

I have to agree with you on House...One of my favorites. I also LOVE Bones on Fox. I may have to try out a few of your other suggestions.