Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Project Runway Take 10 - Transformation

And then there were six! I'm organizing by designer this week, as they were challenged to do a head to toe makeover for a recent college grad. It was fun to watch the transformations. Real models are cool to watch, but real people are so much more interesting. And the winner gets a spread in Elle magazine - serious bonus!

These girls mostly know what they want, even though they look young. I loved Leanne's comment about how her girl couldn't be a college grad because she looked twelve. Funny, since Leanne only looks about eighteen to me. She's 27. When they showed old pictures of the designers when they talked about their first jobs, Leanne looked EXACTLY the same(k, fatter cheeks), except in ugly clothes. The judges hated Leanne's jacket, but liked the dress underneath. It was obvious she wasn't going anywhere, despite being in the bottom three. I didn't love her jacket, but was glad she thought to cover her grade-school teacher up a bit. There is no modesty left in the world.

Did you see Joe's old photo? Holy cow, he was looking good! Mr. GQ in a suit. With 80s hair. Too bad he couldn't get over that suit and design something else for his 21 year old graphic designer living in 2008. I was wondering why they didn't show a picture of his daughters during the emotional, I-miss-my-family part, but I'm pretty sure it was because he got auf'd. His suit was pretty bad - especially the shirt. It was so ill-fitting and she looked like she wasn't wearing a bra - awful! Ralph Lauren can pull off a suit like this, but Joe Faris can not.

Has anyone else ever noticed that Jerrell is very attractive? From the neck up. (Yes, I know he's an "inventive" dresser & queer as a three dollar bill.) He had a ton of close-up shots as they were bringing out the moms and recent college grads - and he is way cute. I love his hair and he has a great smile and nice profile. He just looks happy. Probably fake, I know. But I was struck by it. And he was the only one who didn't have a "fashion" job for his first - he worked at McDonalds. But what was up with the feathers on his head during judging? Good thing he didn't do something crazy like that for his outfit, because it turned out so well! I'm glad he won the challenge - his look was sophisticated but age-appropriate. It was a major transformation for his model. The cardigan was a cool touch. This picture doesn't do it justice though - we'll have to look for the Elle magazine photos. Congrats, Jerrell!

Kenley is always so confident - even when her outfit kind of sucks (like last week). It gets a bit annoying. But none of the designers seem to be impressed with the others, it's like they think there is no possible way they couldn't win the challenge every week. I was glad to see Kenley keep her mouth shut during the judges comments (besides laughing out loud at Joe) - although that's a lot easier to do when they are saying good things. She looked crushed when she didn't win. It was a great look but Kenley sure hasn't shown much range. She lucked into getting a "mini-me" as a client this week.

One of the reasons I like Suede (as a person, not necessarily as a designer) is because he is humble. He seems sweet and somehow unpretentious, despite the third person usage. He has grown on me but doesn't have a chance to make it to the final three. He doesn't have as much talent as some of the others, but he has done some good stuff. I liked his dress a lot tonight- just the jacket was hideous.

Poor Korto - she is an amazing designer but can't seem to win a challenge. Her outfit was superfab and the most young & hip looking. Wait, I swear I said that exact same thing about her look two weeks ago. Yes, I did. Hmmm, a trend. I feel confident that she'll make it to Bryant Park and we'll get to see more of her. I loved her jacket this week, except for the closures - a little weird to me. The dress was very cute but seemed like it needed a few more inches of length.


Robyn said...

Good wrap up!

As soon as I saw Jerrell's dress I knew he was the winner. It was so clear, the others must have gasped when they saw his model done for the first time. She looked great. He did an amazing job!

Once again second goes to Korto. As I've said before She's my fave for Bryant Park winning. She's seconded her place so far, there has to be a win in there some time in the future.

Suede was a victim of not listening to the job description. They said pants. She's a photographer. Many times, a photographer has "to get the shot" in an awkward - not dress worthy - position. Pants are a must for a photographer.

I knew the auffing was coming for Joe when he insisted on the suit. It is too bad these people refused to listen to the job they were designing for. Graphic designer does not equal business suit at all.

Becky said...

They didn't say anything about the final six showing I read online last week... hmmm.

I loved Jerrel's outfit a lot. Maybe because I love cardigans.

I am getting tired of Kenley.