Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Runway Take 11 - Singing to Another Designer's Beat

You could just see the disappointment in the designers eyes this week when they found out they would be designing for each other. Right after they picked out models and there was all the drama of Leanne choosing Suede's model. Wow - get over it. It's a competition and you have to do anything you can to win. Almost. Stealing models is nothing.

And when Tim threw in the additional theme of designing around a musical genre - that's when things got really interesting. Some of these designers seem more sheltered than I am about music. I mean, at least I watch So You Think You Can Dance and know what hip hop outfits are supposed to look like.

I was glad to see the contestants having a little fun, for once.

Kenley said her body wasn't as good as Jerrell was imagining it, but when she tried the outfit on - she was rockin' it! Or maybe I should say poppin' it. She has a better body than I imagined too. That's exactly what I want to look like eventually. She's a solid girl - not exactly slender or willowy. But her arms and legs were very toned and looked great. But I wish she talked great too. Why is she so rude to Tim? She doesn't deserve to continue on. Even though she thought she "nailed it." And during judging it looked like Nina was going to push her right off the runway. Kenley sure played the part of a spoiled little pop star well. She pouted, she rolled her eyes, she interrupted people who have been in the fashion industry for decades. She needs to go.

I did not like Leanne's country outfit, for Korto. The judges didn't seem as critical as I was, but she obviously wasn't getting the win.

Suede looked so great! (Except for the hair, even if it was punk.) Korto did a fabulous job with the whole thing. She's so going to Bryant Park. And I totally agreed with the judges about it being a great silhouette for Suede. If you just took away his hair and make-up, he looked way better in Korto's outfit than he usually does in his own.

Poor Suede on the other hand - Jerrell's outfit was fine, but pretty blah for rock and roll. It was nice to see him stick up for himself a little in judging, but he just doesn't seem to be able to compete with the other designers. I wonder what kind of stuff he does on his own. Did you hear him say he is a classically trained cellist of 14 years?

I can't believe Korto won the challenge, even though her outfit was great. She totally seemed like a close second to me again. I think the judges felt like she'd been beaten down long enough and since Jerrell had already won the last two challenges... I'm sure they're both going to Fashion Week though.

Funny that the two worst designers were standing there in front of the judges wearing the two best outfits. And I CAN NOT believe Kenley did not lose. Her outfit was tons worse than Suede's and she continues to treat everyone badly. Instead we say Auf Weidershen to sweet Suede. At least he was a gracious loser.

Left to right:
Jerrell, wearing Suede's rock 'n' roll design.
Kenley, wearing Jerrell's pop design.
Korto, wearing Leanne's country outfit.

Leanne, wearing Kenley's hip hop outfit.
Suede, wearing Korto's punk design.

Did you see the preview for next week? Looks like all four designers end up in tears. Gee, should be fun.


Robyn said...

I didn't see Leanne crying. Must've missed it. hmmm. It's the final four, I figure that is why all the crying is happening.

Kenley was so rude. And so full of herself. She was telling Tim he didn't understand hiphop and then came up with that outfit. ugh. She has a definite problem with controlling her emotions and it isn't going to help her move forward in the industry.

I thought Suede's outfit was lightyears ahead of Kenley's in being true to the genre. Still he got the boot. Strange.

Korto's western wear was anything but. I couldn't believe Michael Kors liked it so much.

Yeah the pop star was good but not nearly as good as the punk look. Korto did great and finally got the win. She deserved it!

Great post!