Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway Take 8 - Spying on DVF

I was pretty excited for this challenge because I love Diane von Furstenberg. She has amazing clothes, especially the dresses. And it was cool to have the designers visit her showroom/warehouse/offices. Except kind of dumb how they all acted surprised when they obviously knew where they were. Hello - big DVF on the doors. Then Diane was the guest judge too, but I wish I could have seen even more of her.

Man, they are really started to rip on each other, especially to the camera (rather than faces). One of the reasons I liked last season so much was because the designers seemed to actually like and respect one another. They still got on each other's nerves and had their catty moments, but overall there was much less trash-talking. I think it's funny how most of the designers think their outfit is the best and that they will probably win. They are always so pleased to see their look on the runway. But I guess I would be too.

First let's look at the three designs that don't "represent the best and the worst." I wonder if the middle designers are relieved, or if they're disappointed they weren't in the top. This week we had Jerrell and his aviator hat, Terri and her 3-piece-suit, and Blayne with his crazy jodhpur pants.

I didn't like the colors Jerrell chose. Or the fabrics or something - it all seems thrown together and muddied, kind of like when I try to put something together. Terri's outfit was practically identical to a few others she has done. It was nice, but getting to be old hat. And those pants are ridiculous - check out the model's crotch! Blayne's headband alone should have been enough to get him kicked off. Bleah! Good thing he didn't dress his model like that. Those spotted half-pants were bad enough. His jacket looked cute though; I wish I could have seen it better.

The top three were all beautiful! Kenley was quite sassy in defending her simple dress, but the judges all seemed to like it. I agreed with Heidi that it seemed too simple. I didn't love the print either. Korto's dress was fab - hip and stylish and younger and more modern looking than most of the designs. The black & white print was chic and the yellow added a bit of fun. Leanne's purple gown was flat-out gorgeous! The jacket didn't really match, but who cares? She's on a roll with two wins in a row, this week's win coming while she had immunity.

Suede and Joe won't last much longer if they keep putting out junk like they did this week. Joe's outfit looked too much like drag and Suede's was too disconnected and had a really weird skirt. Too bad, since his print was super cute. But finally the judges sent Leatha Stella home. Funny, since I didn't think this was even close to her worst outfit. But bad enough. Auf Weidershen!


chronicler said...

Okay, regarding Stella. The comment by Michael Kors was that the crotch was all wrong in in the pants. Hello, did he take a look at Terri's? Obviously not. However, I think Stella got the axe for the fact that her outfit was not pressed. The judges didn't say that but they said it looked unfinished.

I agree with you on Suede and Blaine. Not long for the PR world!

I again think Korto was robbed. Even if I were a size -2 I would never have worn that dress of Leanne's. The ruffle down the backside was no flattering IMO.

I'm glad you're doing these reviews. I love to read your opinion and see how someone else views the runway!

Becky said...

I loved Leanne's design, but also liked Korto's. Is Leanne the first to win two challenges? I don't recall anyone else winning two thus far. I'm thinking this season will have a female winner.