Thursday, September 11, 2008

Project Runway Take 9 - What's Your Sign?

Sometimes it's fun when they bring designers back - you get to see a little more of people who were auf'd early & you didn't know very well yet. Of course, there are always the annoying people you were so glad to see go, and now you have to watch them again. The avant garde challenge gave the designers license to do pretty much whatever they wanted but the choosing of an astrological sign gave them a little structure.

Most of the designer pairs seemed to work together pretty well and respect each other. But Terri was partnered with Keith and she was just awful to him. She didn't want him to do anything and never asked for his opinion. And apparently he's too fragile to speak up after his recent auf'fing. Which he even said. "Just be gentle with me right now, okay? I'm kinda fragile." No wonder she doesn't respect him.

I always thinks it's crazy when they throw curveballs at the designers, but I would be freaking out if it were me. How on earth can you plan your time if there's a chance they could cut hours off the end. I guess you just have to work as hard and as fast as you can from the beginning... just in case.

The cocktail party is fun though. Remember when they flew the designers to Paris suddenly and then had that party on the boat? And someone was throwing eggs at the models as they walked there. It was cool to see designers was past seasons, but we really didn't get much time with them. And I'm not sure about having them pick the winners, even before the runway show. It kind of makes the whole runway, comments by the judges, and defense by the designers moot.

The designs were split in two groups after the runway show and that bottom half was pretty sorry looking. No words can explain the outfit Blayne came up with (below left). Well, maybe - BLEAH! Michael Kors said it all, "She looks like she's pooping fabric"! It doesn't get any worse than that. Then when he gets eliminated he says, "I'm just baffled." All that tanning must be affecting his brain because that was one of the worst thing I've seen on Project Runway.

Two designers were sent packing this week. Blayne first, because it was so obvious, and then Terri. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I have really liked some of her designs. But her attitude is terrible; she's been very negative about the other designers, and then the whole Keith debacle. And I really hate her dress (above right). I liked it much better at the cocktail party, with the fur. It was supposed to be Leo and I understood the lion thing. I'm not sure how she switched it to be strength, or fire, or however she explained it. Auf Weidershen!

Kenley & Suede were also in the bottom half. I liked the top half of Kenley's design with the huge, purple plaid poofs, but thought the bottom was totally disconnected. And she is awful to the judges - so defensive & rude. Hello, you just can't interrupt people like Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia when they are critiquing your work. Suede's outfit (bottom right) was cute, fine, but certainly not impressive or avant garde.

Um, I'm still waiting for the judges' critiques and comments on the top four designs. Bravo totally left us out of that. But I guess the winner was just chosen at the cocktail party and they didn't comment further except to say that the winner was the judges' favorite too.

Jerrell was the winner, and while his outfit was okay, I probably liked it the least of the top four. I liked the fabric & cut of the skirt, despite Tim's comment about the fabric looking like an old school marm coat. Not fond of the hip extras though, even though a model can pull it off. Plus I hated her hair. But I kind of like Jerrell and was glad to see him get one win, because he might not make it to Bryant Park. Man, tonight I feel like an oracle or something because I have been picking Leanne and Korto for the top three, in addition to either Terri, Joe, or Jerrell.

The rest of the top four: (left to right) Joe, Korto, and Leanne. Joe's was actually my favorite this week. I thought the dress was gorgeous and matched his astrological sign. The fabrics were so beautiful. Korto and Leanne's dresses were very good too.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite designer in the fan favorite challenge. You can vote online at Bravo here. They're choosing one voter to win a $10,000 shopping spree on Imagine how fabulous I'll look in my all-new wardrobe!

ps - Bravo's on Twitter now. Interesting.


Robyn said...

Good review!
I can't believe Blaine was baffled, Stella looked downright surprised. Am I seeing the same designs as them???!

I think the challenge should have been to keep the designs the way they were shown at the party. No changes.
I missed the good design review too.

Korto's got to be in the top three and I kind of wish they'd auf another two next week to speed things up.

I am sorry Terri got the boot. Not because she didn't deserve it, but because I totally forgot to mention that she reminded me of Donna Summer! I kept wondering why she was on the show. ;-)

Becky said...

Great review, as always. This weekend on there are pictures of the final 6 showing at fashion week. Comments made in the article say Leanne is looking like the leader overall. I loved her outfits in the slide show it had.

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