Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall's Harvest (In a Soup Pot)


I love reading BooMama & today she is hosting a Souptacular - a compilation of bloggers' favorite soup recipes. I love soup and only wish it was cool enough to enjoy it more here in Arizona. We're still in the mid-90s all this week. My AC is going overtime. But as soon as it cools off a teensy bit, to like 80, I'll be pulling out this recipe for a hearty chili featuring my favorite gourd - pumpkin. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Turkey Chili

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped yellow bell pepper
1 clove garlic, minced
1 pound ground turkey
1 (14.5 ounce) can diced tomatoes
2 cups pumpkin puree
1 1/2 tablespoons chili powder
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 dash salt
1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
1/2 cup sour cream

Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat, and saute the onion, green bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, and garlic until tender. Stir in the turkey, and cook until evenly brown. Drain, and mix in tomatoes and pumpkin. Season with chili powder, pepper, and salt. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer 20 minutes. Serve topped with Cheddar cheese and sour cream.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only 352 Days To Get These Done

It's Works For Me Wednesday time again - somehow I've missed it the last couple weeks. I was both devastated and relieved, all at once. Blogging is full of conflicting emotions like that. This week what worked for me was making a list. Posting things on the internet keeps me motivated & gives me some sort of accountability. Keep reading...

I always love finding new blogs that interest me. Lately I came across Joslyn at Simple Lovely and as I was reading, I found her post titled 34 Before 35. She & her friend, Amy at doobleh-vay, decided to create of list of goals, great & small, to accomplish before their next birthday; they are both turning 35. And as their readers posted their own lists on their blogs, they left the link in the comments of Joslyn & Amy's original posts.

I thought it was a marvelous idea and started thinking about things I would like to accomplish. I mulled it over for a few days, discusses it with my husband, & started my list. Since I just had my 32nd birthday, I will have a whole year to finish my list. I added some hefty goals and some smaller things I have been wanting to do for a long time. Some are fun, some are serious. Some are personal, some are for my family. I wrote it out in my own hand, with my favorite pen, but will also list here for ease of reference.

Part of the idea is to stay accountable to others & basically to the internet as a whole. Isn't that what blogging is for? I can blog about my progress & refer back to particular numbers on my list. It should make for a fun year. I hope you stick with me on my journey - or join me with your own list. I'd love to hear about your list in a comment on this post, but make sure you check out Joslyn & Amy too.

32 Things To Do Before Age 33

1. Read the Book of Mormon
2. Fast every month (I have been pregnant or nursing most of the last 5 years, so am out of the habit)
3. Attend the temple 12 times (basically once a month)
4. Print our family blog book for 2008 (I did it for 2007 and LOVE it!)
5. Catch up on the boys' baby books
6. Catch up on photo albums through June '09. (I'm currently at Jan '08)
7. Install the sprinkler timer, level & reseed the backyard
8. Install a digital thermostat
9. Prepare 72 hour kits for my family & renew them every six months
10. Have a two months food supply for my family
11. Pay off all credit card debt
12. Take a sewing class for the home
13. Finish headboard slipcovers and curtains for the master bedroom
14. Complete our family stockings (missing two currently)
15. Make the satin wreath I bought materials for in 2004
16. Catalogue our home for insurance purposes
17. Potty train Emmett
18. Plan a great date for Aaron & I
19. Go to a drive in movie as a family
20. Take a free online class on an interesting & new (to me) topic
21. Run a 5K in less than 36 minutes
22. Write thank you notes for gifts received
23. Make doughnuts from scratch
24. Go on a family camping trip.
25. Watch a foreign film (with subtitles)
26. Throw a semi-formal dinner party
27. Get business/blogging/mommy/calling cards for myself
28. Learn a new piece on the piano (I played when I was young but don't even have a piano now)
29. Get to know my neighbors
30. Develop the perfect brownie recipe
31. Write letters to my sons - to be opened when they turn twelve
32. Find and blog about ten new artists (musicians, artists, writers, etc.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway: Fun Kids Chair

Bloggy Giveaway visitors, welcome to The Well-Rounded Woman, I'm your hostess, Tara. Before I talk about my giveaway, please read a little about my blog.

As women, we find our lives very full and often sliced into many little pieces. We have developed a wide range of interests, hobbies, and skills, all of which help in our many roles and responsibilities. In running a family and maintaining a home we try to keep everything running smoothly without losing ourselves in the fray. This blog serves up slices of interest to the well-rounded women, including the following weekly features: Beauty on a Budget, Home and Family, and Do It Herself.

I love magazines, TiVo, food, recipes, books, shopping, shoes & beauty products! And let's not forget blogging - some of my favorites are What About Mom, a little sussy, Bye Bye Pie, A Print a Day, Seriously So Blessed, and Gourmet Mom on the Go. I hope you are a kindred spirit and will bookmark The Well-Rounded Woman or subscribe to my feed.

This week I will give away a childrens chair of my own design. I had one of these as a kid, and when I had a toddler of my own, I looked for the design. When I couldn't find one, I made my own. It is made out of PVC pipe, with a fabric sling seat. I will coordinate with the winner over their fabric choice. (My old one had Strawberry Shortcake on it.) Our chair has been well loved, and spent a significant amount of time in the garage in "time out" when the boys have fought over it. I guess it's time to make another. And I can make one for you too!

Enter to win a chair by leaving a comment on this post, stating how you are a well-rounded woman. Not well-balanced, that's a completely different issue, which we all struggle with. The giveaway is open until midnight on October 31st. I can only ship to the continental US, sorry. I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday morning, while gorging on my sons' Halloween candy. If your e-mail address is not attached to your profile, please leave it in your comment so I can contact you. Thanks for reading!

If you love this chair & want one for your own child (Christmas is around the corner) please e-mail me.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Pretend Sponsor is Giving Away $5000

I love Home Depot. I shop there. I write about it. I link to them. I like to pretend they are a sponsor of The Well-Rounded Woman, especially since they have a set of free clinics for women called Do It Herself, and I have a (supposedly) weekly feature called Do It Herself. Home Depot always has good stuff, including a video contest where you can win $5000. Here's the shtick:

The Home Depot wants to know how people are saving energy in their home in its “Save Money. Save Energy. Win Big.” video contest. Just shoot a short video to show how you're saving money and helping the environment by making your home more energy efficient.

Anyone can log on to to enter their video between now and Nov. 9, 2008. The contest winner will receive a $5,000 Home Depot gift card and up to $2,000 for installed insulation or radiant barrier products from The Home Depot.

I'm going to enter a video of me screaming, "Shut the door!" at my kids 57 times a day. But if you think you can beat that, you should enter. The prize money can only be spent on energy efficient products, but there a lot of great things under that umbrella. Top on my list, a digital thermostat, new windows & doors, and new appliances - all energy saving, of course.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You! Gracias! Merci!

Those are really the only foreign words for Thank You that I know. Yes, I'm a linguist. But I do want to show my appreciation to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday. Apparently my husband sent out an e-mail to everyone I know asking them to remember my birthday and send me presents. He attached a wishlist.

But I think he got a little confused. I don't need presents for my birthday. Just lots of attention. For at least a week. Okay, and I need some presents too. I love opening gifts. And wrapping them, coincidentally. But they don't have to be fancy or expensive gifts. Although if an iPod Touch happened to slip into the gift packaging I wouldn't complain.

Luckily I have some very thoughtful friends & family who suprised me with gifts. First of all my most fabulous/wonderful/thoughtful/sweet husband for all he did and bought. Also, my heartfelt thanks goes out to Lindsay & CJ for the gifts I already posted about, Candice for the Gorillapod, Missy for the book (The Mother in Me, which is amazing!), Mom for the Bath & Body Works products (she knows me well), and Jane for the Project Runway paper doll set. She's knows me too well. Here's something I whipped up this morning.

Also thanks to the Rasmussens for putting together a birthday picnic after soccer practice, and for Jody, Candice, and Missy for doing a girls (and kids) lunch with me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lightening Up My Morning

This morning the boys were semi-watching something on TiVo and when it finished the tv tuned in to whatever station it was on. I heard the long-familiar strains of The Cosby Show. I used to love watching this family friendly show - it is seriously funny! There's a reason Bill Cosby was a successful comedian. I listened from the other room for a while, trying to place the voice of what was obviously a guest star. It was so familiar and I finally walked into the living room to see. The hilarious John Ritter was guest starring as the husband of one of Dr. Huxtable's OB patients. I was compelled by forces beyond my control to watch the last ten minutes and loved how this bit of comedy brightened my morning. Where have all the good shows gone?

I just pulled the following from Wikipedia, which includes a reference to the episode I saw this morning. I miss John.

Personal life (of John Ritter)
He married twice, once to actress Nancy Morgan (married 1977-divorced 1996) and then to actress Amy Yasbeck (married 1999-his death). Yasbeck had played his wife or love interest in the first two Problem Child movies (interestingly, she played a different character in each movie). Yasbeck also played Ritter's wife in two sitcom appearances. In 1991, both were guest stars on The Cosby Show, where Yasbeck played the in-labor wife of Ritter's basketball coach character. In 1996, Ritter guest starred on Yasbeck's sitcom Wings as the estranged husband of Yasbeck's character Casey. Ritter and Morgan had three children: Carly, Tyler, and Jason. He and Yasbeck had one daughter, Stella.

Monday, October 20, 2008

CLR Tackles My Shower

I often meander over to 5 Minutes For Mom and their sister sites, and sometimes participate in a carnival or two. I like Tackle It Tuesdays because I link up my Do It Herself posts there.

A few weeks ago they announced a sponsored carnival. CLR has a new Bath & Kitchen cleaner and agreed to send out full bottles of product to anyone who wanted one and agreed to do a review of it, linking up to 5MFM. And who doesn't want free cleaning products? I signed up.

I was all excited when my bottle arrived on a Friday, and while my very supportive husband took our boys on an outing the next day, I saw my chance. Granted, an hour spent cleaning the bathroom isn't glamorous, but neither is trying to complete your daily ablutions in a nasty old shower. And being the good blogger that I am, I took pictures of the before and after. And started to write this post. Then realized I was about to post pictures of my gross shower on the internet. And deleted them all. Whew, that was close. You will just have to use your imagination.

The smell of this CLR was no worse than other cleaning products. I sprayed it on my target area, allowed it to penetrate per instructions, and went to town with my scrub brush. I was happy to see the grime melt away with all that elbow grease. I even did the glass doors, inside AND out. They look great! The biggest testimonial was when my husband came home and said, "Wow, I've never seen our shower look this good."

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that testimonial should be given to CLR's product. Rather, I think it's a bold statement letting me know I don't clean our shower nearly as often or well as I should. I have never even spent half as much time cleaning in there in all the (seven) years we've been married. Don't get me wrong, I liked CLR Bathroom and Kitchen cleaner, I just think I could have used many others, spent as much time, and gotten similar results. But maybe it's all the CLR - I would buy it at the store myself.

Blissfest Bargains

Last Saturday was the Blissfest, which is seemed everyone in Mesa attended, along with hundreds of their closest friends. All to benefit Nie Nie. I actually went twice. I was there right at the beginning, with my two year old. He enjoyed the carnival games before many kids arrived, and I previewed the boutique booths before my "alone" visit in the afternoon. There was some seriously cute and amazing stuff there. And most of it cost a zillion dollars. And I'm not rich. After my birthday extravaganza week, I'm pretty sure my husand was going to kill me if I spent any money at Blissfest, but in my mind I was entitled to. I just planned to keep it under $20. And guess what $20 can get you at a boutique... not much.

That's why, when I found the booth for Paddywacks Studio, I was riveted for fifteen whole minutes. The genius behind the crafts, Whitney Johnson, told me about her wares without pushing them on me. Or making me feel like it wasn't worth getting out of her chair and wasting her breath on someone who looked like they could barely afford the ratty old flip-flops she came in. Which was a problem at a few places. Whitney explained how she uses reclaimed fabric and materials for her creations and I fell hard for the pieces made from men's dress shirts. There so many different things, she uses all parts of the shirt. Even the bunting around her tent was made from the sleeves & cuffs. I spent five minutes sorting through the different patterns to choose the item I was going to buy. A $3 kleenex holder. $3. A really cute one, as you can see. I loved the stripes and the butterfly pin. Since I used all my cash on carnival tickets, and didn't want to pull out my credit card for such a small purchase, Whitney generously offered to hold it for me.

When I went back to the Blissfest in the afternoon, I saved Paddywacks Studio for last. And I didn't see anything I liked more. Whitney even remembered me and brought out my carefully saved $3 item. I almost bought a cute little coin purse too, but somehow decided I could make one myself. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying one instead. And I will be ordering a custom Scrap Shirt too. These tee were adorable, especially the kiddo ones. Whitney buys old tees at thrift stores, and cuts out the letters on them to use on her Scrap Shirts. It's pretty hard to tell how cute they are in these pictures (which I stole from Whitney's blog). And amazingly the shirts are $15 for kids, $20 for adults, and $25 for a few that she had on fancy shirts instead of just tees. Even more amazing is that you can order a custom shirt for the same price. I envision coordinating shirts for my three sons, each with their names. But even though $15 is a smokin' deal for a handmade, custom shirt, I'm sure my husband will take umbrage with $45 spent on kids tees. So I will think about what to do. The order form is at right, if you want to get your own.

Whitney also makes these cool necklaces, fabric covered books/planner covers, adorable aprons with lots of pockets, and button bracelets (just like the picture I saw of Nie Nie wearing). Check out her blog, Kindred Joy, which is where I borrowed all these pictures from. She told me she was working on getting an Etsy shop up, but does have a fledgling website for her business, Paddywacks Studio. Whitney also teaches classes at Blissful Living Studio and Mystic Paper, both in downtown Mesa.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway Finale - TGIF!

Thank goodness it's finished! This is seemed like the longest season ever, probably because I have posted recaps of every single episode. Also the designers didn't seem nearly as talented as in past seasons. But it was fun to see the runway shows of our three women finalists. Not much drama before the shows, except for Korto deciding to make two completely new looks. Hello, is she crazy? All the drama was saved for Bryant Park.

Once again, what's up with Bravo having final runway collections for the top SIX designers? What does that mean?

Kenley was up first and I really liked most of the pieces in her collection. She had a lot of bright colors, some beautiful prints, and very feminine, ladylike shapes. She used her wedding dress, which somehow didn't look as good as last week. I don't know if she reworked it, or just used different accessories. She also used her bridesmaid's dress from last week, which was smart because she knew the judges loved it.

My favorite was the black cocktail dress. It was perfectly fitted on the model, and very chic & sophisticated. The second outfit pictured below, the green ruffled-neck top & black skirt, didn't impress me from straight on - it was too plunging for me. But I love this side view of it. And you catch the swirl of the skirt. The next outfit, with the huge black tulle skirt was really cute - except for the squares of black right over the model's chest. That seriously bugs. The printed dress was my least favorite. It's wonderful that Kenley hand painted the design, but it ends up being too much for a dress. It would have been a nice top, with a solid skirt or pants. Did Kenley have any pants? Nope. She did a great job though, despite her poor choice of boring, monotone music. Why do they so seldom have good music?

Korto came next and I was completely blown away by her first dress. It looked like liquid silk poured down the model's body. AMAZING! I really liked all Korto's outfits except the two in that hideous brown taupe color from last week. Why did she do more of it? Aack! The jewelry was inspiring and those cute little fans were very clever.

My other Korto favorites: the kelly green short dress with the interesting pleated, funnel neck; the floral printed dress with yellow banded middle & halter top, and the white pant suit. I loved seeing pants, and the all-white outfit was very crisp. The cut of the pants was very flattering. The long green halter dress was Michael's favorite, and the last picture is of one of the ugly taupe dresses.

Sidenote: I have to admit, I don't always look at the models' faces, but I noticed the one in Korto's super short green mini dress. It was Bianca Golden from Cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model. And the model in the other short green dress (2nd below) sure looked like Dani Evans, winner of Cycle 10, but I'm not sure.

Leanne showed last. For the last six or seven weeks I've been feeling like Leanne was going to win the whole thing (and I was right). But I'm not necessarily happy about it. While I liked many of her pieces individually, there wasn't enough variation in color and style in her collection. Yes, she had pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses, but the collection got a little boring. And although I liked the look of her "petals," how are they supposed to lie? Are they supposed to twirl one way? The blue vest/top with the pants looked like one of its petals was flopped the wrong way, but how do you know?

My favorite look was the first pictured below. I loved the top, with its spaghetti straps & off the shoulder ruffles. The skirt was understated, but still interesting. I really liked the high-waisted pants that Leanne did, but was not sure about the top. I don't know what to make of the little piece that hangs down in the middle. The worst thing in the whole collection was the skirt in the last picture below. It looks hideous on the model, and would be worse on anyone larger than a size 2. I don't like the top either.

I really liked the wedge shoes Leanne paired with many of her looks. I hate those booties that are so popular right now - she had some on herself. Okay, I just went back and looked, every model had on the same pair of shoes. Interesting cohesion. Their hair-dos were all the same too, all except for the girl whose hair was cropped close to her head. I liked the shoes & hair.

Korto's collection had my favorite piece, but I really think those two taupe dresses knocked her out of the running. Kenley had a lot of good, colorful stuff - but she's just not sophisticated and original enough. Leanne is original, innovative, and had the most cohesive collection. Congratulations to Leanne, she takes home the big prize!

ps - sorry for the constant switching from past to present tense. sometimes i'm talking about what i watched on the show. sometimes i'm talking about how i feel about the pictures. and i was way too tired to edit it to consistency.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and my wonderful husband is going late to work because he got up with the kids to let me sleep in a little. Which truly is wonderful because I didn't get to sleep until 2:30, being up with one or another of the boys from 11:30 until then. Not very thoughtful of them.

Did I ever mention how sweet my husband is? In keeping with my birthday extravaganza week, he took me out on Tuesday. Thanks to his family for babysitting the boys! We tried a new restaurant and did some upscale shopping. You know... the kind where you can't really buy anything because it's all too expensive. It's still fun and easier on the wallet. I did come up with two new items for my Christmas wishlist though.

When we got home from our date, there was a package waiting for me. My very thoughtful friend, Lindsay, sent this book to me. I have been so excited to read it. Look for a review once I finish it.

Thanks to all my friends and family who have remembered my birthday! And since I've been so blessed this week, let's draw a winner right now for my Halloween decoration giveaway. Thanks the the winner is Jane at What About Mom. Yes, really. Here's the proof, you can count comments yourself. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me, Part 3

Are you getting tired of this theme yet? Not me. Presents every day! My sweet hubby was home on Monday and Tuesday this week. Monday afternoon we took all our boys to Target to check out a BIG gift for me.

Remember when I talked about doing one hundred push ups? And I mentioned that I planned to start riding bikes to drop my oldest at preschool. It's been kind of hard without a bike, although we've walked a few times. At Target we bought me this:

It came all assembled, we just took it off the rack and wheeled it out the door, after giving it a few spins around the aisles. I took it for a test ride that night and was thrilled with feeling the wind on my face, because I'm so fast. I'm pretty sure I can only ride half a mile, but I'll get better. Of course, we had to get me a new purple helmet and fancy bike pump too.

This morning we hooked up the bike trailer, tossed the pajama-clad boys in, wearing their helmets, and took off to preschool. We moved along at a snail's pace, constantly urging my four year old to ride a little faster on his ironically named Rocket bike, complete with training wheels. We finally made it, and I was able to pick up a little speed as I took a quick tour around the neighborhood. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to walk again in a few days. Just in time for more birthday presents.

Bike riding with my boys Works For Me! It will be a way to enjoy the outdoors, spend time together as a family, and hopefully help me get in better shape (& even more hopefully that will translate to losing weight). For other Works For Me Wednesday tips, check out Rocks in My Dryer.

Today is the last day to enter my Halloween decoration giveaway.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me, Part 2

It seems like every time I see something I like in a fashion mag lately, it's by Michael Kors. I love watching him on Project Runway and usually agree with his comments. But his designs are generally a little rich for my blood. Well, not anymore.

My sweet mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate to Dillards for my birthday. And she gave it to me early so I could get myself something new & cute to wear for my various birthday dates. I recently bought a blouse from Kohl's that I really like. I am excited to have something nice to wear to church, but somehow all my skirts seem to have shrunk over the years. It's a real phenomenom people! So a nice pencil skirt was #1 on my list. Although I dreamed of what I might be able to get in the shoe or bag department.

I browsed through the women's department and was naturally drawn to the section of Michael by Michael Kors clothing. There was a sale rack! I tried on five or six pieces, found some great jeans, and ultimately came home with a wonderful charcoal gray pencil skirt. It looks like a nice wool, but is actually some kind of knit, with some great stretch to it. It's a thick fabric, perfect for winter & fall, fully lined, hits just below the knee, has a higher waist with a thick, curved waistband, and will look fabulous with the tights I intend to wear all winter. If I were paying for it all on my own, I would have balked at the price, but I just pretended the gift card part was a reduction in price and happily pluked down $11.52 for my skirt. I love it. I wore it with my new blouse on Sunday, and meant to have my husband take a picture of my outfit, but forgot. And I can't find a picture of it online. But imagine something like this:

The blouse is the actual one I bought & I'm pretty sure this skirt is the same as mine, except in black. And I read that gray is the new black this year.

Thanks again to CJ for sponsoring this shopping trip!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me, Part 1

Just another reminder to everyone that my birthday is this week, on October 16th. And to kick off the celebrations, I took the boys on a little shopping trip last week. We hit Walmart for baby formula, soccer socks, and some awesome Halloween underwear for the boys. Then to Bath & Body Works for the first of my birthday presents to myself. Okay, sorry, let's start this post right...

Hi, I'm Tara. I'm addicted to shopping. And yes, my husband hates it. He hasn't taken away my credit cards yet, but probably only because a big spending spree for me consists of buying baby formula and soccer socks. And okay, I spent about $30 at Bath & Body Works. I went in for some great-smelling fall soap. I needed to exchange my summery pink grapefruit for some apple or pumpkin. And I came out with the following:
I fell in love with both of these little bags, placed smartly near the registers. On the left is a mellatic leather make-up bag (I totally needed a new one). I chose metallic pink, on sale from $8 to $6. On the right is the Pretty to Party Clutch, in gold & silver. I have no idea when I will use it, but it was marked down from $20 to $5 and it is seriously so beautiful, I couldn't resist.

You should try the C.O. Bigelow® Vitamin Mentha Tinted Lip Balm in Baby Pink Mint. I love their minty lip gloss, but will choose a balm over a gloss EVERY time. I love this stuff already, despite the shade being not quite right for me. It even tastes yummy. And was on sale for $5. The cute pumpkin soap was chosen by my four year old, after he remembered that we bought some for his cousins last year. And since it's getting close to Halloween it was only $5. Oh yeah, I bought regular soap too. Except they don't have apple.

Bath and Body Works has a new line, Shea Cashmere. I tried the hand cream and it is oh so marvelous. Cashmere indeed. I didn't love the scent, but it was nice, and fairly mild. But I do love the lightweight cashmere robe. I've added it to my Christmas wish list (on Kaboodle).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Boo For You Giveaway

My friend Jody is super crafty - like a young Martha Stewart. Her home is beautiful, she always has good kids crafts and activities, and she isn't afraid to try new things. I am frequently mulling over Do It Herself projects with her, as we exchange home, craft, and DIY magazines between us. Because vinyl lettering has been so popular, and monograms are the IT thing right now, and because her fabulous father has a fancy laser cutter, Jody has started making some really cute home decorations. She generally uses matte board, painted or covered with scrapbook paper, but has done some things out of wood and other thin materials. She is setting up an Etsy shop right now and working on filling some big orders she already received. But she took time out of her busy schedule (3 kids of her own, one a 4 month old, and she babysits her 3 month old niece every day at 6:10am) to finish a Halloween project for me. And I'm going to pass the love on to The Well-Rounded Woman readers for this spooky Halloween giveaway.

The winner will receive a set of Jody's custom black, glittery spiderwebs, one large and one medium. They look adorably icky in the corner of your window or mirror. Unfortunately they are hard to photograph, but I've done the best I can. Rest assured you will love them in person, as will all the visitors to your home.

Also in the giveaway package is a set of Halloween letters spelling out BOO! I am pleased with how these turned out, since I had a bit to do with their creation. These letters are about 4.5" tall and feature cute Halloween paper over matteboard. Please excuse the messy frig reflected in the mirror.

Enter to win this Halloween giveaway by leaving a comment on this post. I will close the giveaway at midnight on Wednesday, October 15th so I can get the prize shipped to the winner in time to display for their spooky festivities this year. If there isn't an e-mail listed on your profile or blog, please list it in the comments so I can contact you if you win.

If you don't win this giveaway, Jody will soon have things for sale at her Etsy shop - I'll let you know all the details as soon as it's up. In the meantime, if you live in the Mesa, AZ area you can buy some of Jody's spiderwebs next Saturday, October 18th at Domestic Bliss. She will be part of one of the booths there, Mimi & Friends.

I have been looking forward to this Fall Blissfest for a long time now, and since it's right after my birthday (start the countdown!) my husband has agreed to keep the kids and let me have a few hours of blissfull browsing and hopefully just a little buying.

The best part is the fundraiser for Nie Nie!