Monday, October 20, 2008

CLR Tackles My Shower

I often meander over to 5 Minutes For Mom and their sister sites, and sometimes participate in a carnival or two. I like Tackle It Tuesdays because I link up my Do It Herself posts there.

A few weeks ago they announced a sponsored carnival. CLR has a new Bath & Kitchen cleaner and agreed to send out full bottles of product to anyone who wanted one and agreed to do a review of it, linking up to 5MFM. And who doesn't want free cleaning products? I signed up.

I was all excited when my bottle arrived on a Friday, and while my very supportive husband took our boys on an outing the next day, I saw my chance. Granted, an hour spent cleaning the bathroom isn't glamorous, but neither is trying to complete your daily ablutions in a nasty old shower. And being the good blogger that I am, I took pictures of the before and after. And started to write this post. Then realized I was about to post pictures of my gross shower on the internet. And deleted them all. Whew, that was close. You will just have to use your imagination.

The smell of this CLR was no worse than other cleaning products. I sprayed it on my target area, allowed it to penetrate per instructions, and went to town with my scrub brush. I was happy to see the grime melt away with all that elbow grease. I even did the glass doors, inside AND out. They look great! The biggest testimonial was when my husband came home and said, "Wow, I've never seen our shower look this good."

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that testimonial should be given to CLR's product. Rather, I think it's a bold statement letting me know I don't clean our shower nearly as often or well as I should. I have never even spent half as much time cleaning in there in all the (seven) years we've been married. Don't get me wrong, I liked CLR Bathroom and Kitchen cleaner, I just think I could have used many others, spent as much time, and gotten similar results. But maybe it's all the CLR - I would buy it at the store myself.


Organizing Mommy said...

I tackled a shower also. Good job.

earthlingorgeous said...

With that kind of compliment from your husband there must be something different in CLR then. I don't think we have CLR here. We have Mr. Muscle though. Awesome tackle though tough shower water build-up is hard to get rid off really.

Susie said...

I know...I am in awe of people who are brave enough to post pictures:-) Great tackle:-)

Megan said...

Our shower stays really clean with the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner Thingy. I use vinegar around the door and a magic eraser for any tough grime on the floor. It takes maybe 5 minutes and is soooo worth it! :)