Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Pretend Sponsor is Giving Away $5000

I love Home Depot. I shop there. I write about it. I link to them. I like to pretend they are a sponsor of The Well-Rounded Woman, especially since they have a set of free clinics for women called Do It Herself, and I have a (supposedly) weekly feature called Do It Herself. Home Depot always has good stuff, including a video contest where you can win $5000. Here's the shtick:

The Home Depot wants to know how people are saving energy in their home in its “Save Money. Save Energy. Win Big.” video contest. Just shoot a short video to show how you're saving money and helping the environment by making your home more energy efficient.

Anyone can log on to to enter their video between now and Nov. 9, 2008. The contest winner will receive a $5,000 Home Depot gift card and up to $2,000 for installed insulation or radiant barrier products from The Home Depot.

I'm going to enter a video of me screaming, "Shut the door!" at my kids 57 times a day. But if you think you can beat that, you should enter. The prize money can only be spent on energy efficient products, but there a lot of great things under that umbrella. Top on my list, a digital thermostat, new windows & doors, and new appliances - all energy saving, of course.


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

So, on Bridges of Madison County (which was the saddest movie ever, btw), I thought it was so hilarious/devastating that she hated how her husband and kids slammed the door, and then the love interest came, and he never slammed the door. So symbolic of so many things!