Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway Take 12 - Blooming Down the Runway

Holy crying! I'm not sure I've ever seen so much crying on Project Runway before. This week we enjoyed segments of all four designers crying about how much they want to go to Bryant Park and how they're stressed/unappreciated/deserving/picked-on. And I have to say I'm glad it's over. Finally we are through the unrealistic demands of designing and constructing an outift in 2 days. I am anxious to see a whole collection from these designers - when they have the time and resources they need to complete them.

Jerrell's dress looked like it had potential, but the execution fell very short. I don't know how that dress was staying up but I'm pretty sure it involved superglue and some good editing afterwards to keep it from being pornographic. It didn't seem like he deserved to win the challenge, but no one else's was really better. I kind of liked Leanne's dress, but am getting tired of her epaulet-esque adornments. Kenley's dress was kind of cool - but far from elegant, pretty, red carpet evening gown. More like a cool mermaid. I don't know how the judges avoided saying it was a mermaid costume. And Korto's dress had an unfortunate fabric choice. The color was fantastic, but the fabric didn't work for a long gown. Maybe a different design, but she needed something softer and less structured for her dress. I thought the lace was really pretty and was disappointed she took most of it off, but agreed with Tim that it didn't work with the overall design.

In the end, I was booing the judges choice to keep all four designers. That's not what we signed on for - and wait, didn't we just see that last season? Their big change is to give full budgets to all the designers and then pick three collections to go to Fashion Week, as opposed to just making the bottom two duke it out. Maybe that will make all four really kick it up a notch because they won't feel safe. But aren't they all notched out anyway? Isn't that the point of being at the end of the competition? I will look forward to seeing complete collections from our final four. And I hope they are better than the designs we saw this week.

Jerrell & Leanne

Kenley & Korto


Robyn said...

Tara, I can't agree more. The producers seem to be unable to have nothing but a cumbaya moments lately. I was distressed last week when they gave Kenley the nod, "because she has potential" I think I heard Michael Kors say. It bugs the death out of me that it seems they really want Kenley in the top (does she know someone?) and not Leanne. Then Leanne surprised them all with the purple dress.

I really liked Jerrell's concept and was gald he won. Did not like leanne's at all (not into ruffles) and thought Korto kind of biffed it with the fabric choice. She had the best botanical composition, and goofed it. bleh.

I am glad to see your round up. Look froward to next week's gaff show and peek into the next one!

Anonymous said...

so agree with you... worst season ever... I am so wondering if it will be the worst runway ever... seems like each person 'just missed' the idea of the flower challenge... well kenley always designing to a different drummer..
love your view on PR..