Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway Take 13 - Walk Me Down the Aisle/Runway

Oh, these poor designers. Last week: just when they think the final three will be chosen & they will be able to breathe again, the judges decide to let all four design collections. This week: just when they think they are free of challenges & restrictions, the judges throw out not one, but two more challenges. Although I don't understand why the designers don't want to do wedding dresses - they are so beautiful and versatile, you can do almost anything. Of course, if you do crazy things like Korto & Jerrell did, in non-wedding taupe color fabrics, the judges might have a few words to say.

I wasn't fond of all the footage of Tim visiting the designers at home, it was a bit boring. I think they didn't want to show too much of the collections because one of them wasn't going to be seen at Fashion Week. Highlights though: Tim & Leanne riding a bicycle-built-for-two, and Korto playing the drums.

I don't know why Bravo failed me on the photos this week, but here's what they've got.

I totally agree with what Michael said about Jerrell's wedding dress: From the umpire (or however you spell um-peer) line down, it's gorgeous. But with a bottom half that big and conceptual, he needed a very simple bodice, and he ended up with a distraction of huge jewels & huge wings. I don't even know what to say about the flowers on her head. The bridesmaids dress was nice I thought, and the flowers worked there, but I see what the judges mean about it being messy. The skirt & seams should be smooth, rather than rumply.

Korto's dresses were a big disappointment to me this week. The judges really dinged her with their comments and they were so right. Another sad, not-white, wedding dress with a too-fancy bodice. And it is the most unflattering of all the designs. Korto's poor model looks lumpy in the middle and very wide around the hips. And she's probably a size 2. The bridesmaids dress was very ho-hum, mostly because of the fabric I think. What happened to the bright, kelly green sash Korto was trying on it earlier? This one doesn't have enough pop.

Kenley had some great designs this week. I liked the feather wedding dress, even though it's probably the one I'd be least likely to wear (modesty issues aside). The judges liked it despite it's look-a-like-ness with Alexander McQueen's runway stuff. And Michael called the bridesmaids dress "the cutest damn dress I've ever seen." I like it too - the color is really nice and it somehow makes the model look thin despite the volume around the middle. I already have plenty of that. And because the judges had mostly good things to say to Kenley, she didn't have to get all defensive and talk-back to them or roll her eyes. Ah, I miss the good old days.

Leanne's collection looks wonderful. Her style is very unique & was described well in this episode: with an architectural eye. Michael's comment of being able to recognize Leanne's dresses immediately was very true. Every one of the judges loved both her looks and had flattering things to say to her. I don't remember one negative comment. If they had been choosing a winner for this challenge, it would have been Leanne. I can't wait to see everything else from her.

Dum, dum, dum... down to the final moments. Leanne and Kenley are obviously going to Bryant Park but Jerrell or Korto must go home. And the judges say Auf Weiderschen to Jerrell. I just knew it was going to be all girls going to Bryant Park. I liked Jerrell a lot & hated Kenley's attitude, but based on the showings this week, the judges made the right decisions, in my opinion. And Korto got really lucky.

It was nice to see some of the other models back, since they needed eight this week. I wonder if they will get to go to Fashion week too.

If you are the type to read spoilers, skip to the back of the book, or hate suprises, check out While looking for this week's photos, I found this whole section of pictures from the runway shows, which mysteriously features the top SIX designers. What's up with that? Is the whole show just rigged, or edited to death, or what? I thought this was reality tv, not fairytale tv. Why do they go to the trouble to eliminate designers if they are really going to sponsor more than three at Fashion Week? I didn't want to ruin next week's episode for myself, so I didn't look at the clothing in the photos, but did check out the pictures of each designer at the beginning of their show. Yes, they have all six of them. Whatever.


Robyn said...

I was so ticked at Jerrell not listening to Tim about editing I wanted to throw a shoe at him. It is disappointing that they are not judged on a body of work instead of the silly wedding gown challenge. Jerrell would have beat Kenley hands down.

Kenely's stuff looked a bit freaky from what I could see.

Korto was trying to be different I felt. And she blew it big time. I understand her message is that ethnicity does play a part in design, but she needs to get to the runway before she can really set her style in motion. It wouldn't have killed her to be a bit more traditional.

Leanne's dress and bridesmaid's dress were fabulous. I love that wave thing, not sure I'd ever wear something like that but it is cute.

Becky said...

I love Leanne's whole signature style--and the colors especially. Kenley's was beautiful, but not something I would likely choose to wear.

Anonymous said...

I tooo am in awe that there are 6 at the runway.... I did look at them... the three that 'won' have some great things... but I could not pick a winner.. Korto has some funky stuff... Leanne..though her designs are very interesting and well made.. who would wear them.?? and Kenley.. liked some others were silly.. but they are well made.. so thinking Leanne.. but who knows... Jerrell and Joe and Suede.. sorry.. they should not be there yet..
thanks for the connectors.. it was fun to see..

apricot tea. said...

I was so conflicted watching this, because I felt that Kenley & Leanne did really well. I would most certainly wear their dresses.

But I really like Jerrell & Korto. I didn't want to see either of them go, because I think they're great designers, too. I think they just buckled under the pressure.

Unfortunately, our cable is being shut off today, so I won't get a chance to watch the big finale, but I know I'll hear about it in the papers the next day. :]