Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Craving Scottish Cashmere

Regardless of what the calendar says, today was the first day of fall in Mesa, Arizona. We do have the most beautiful, temperate winters, but our summer lasts from March to October. And we generally skip fall & spring completely. My whole family donned long sleeves this morning, and only some of us changed them later in the day. It was a good sign.

I am often jealous as I read the blogs of those in different climates and see photos of the awe-inspiring changing leaves. But really I wish I lived somewhere I could dress in these cozy clothes and cover myself in layers. Yes, I know the baby outfit wouldn't fit me, but I do have a sweet 9 month old boy who would stay nice and warm wearing this outfit. In Scotland.

If you live somewhere with an actual fall and winter weather below 40 degrees, check out Brora Scottish Cashmere.