Friday, November 14, 2008

Hands Full?

I'm sorry that you can't see this comic well enough - I tried showing it double, but it gets cut off. If you click on it you can see a big version. As my family has grown, baby boy by baby boy, I feel like I can relate more to some great comic strips. My husband and I like Baby Blues, but I also like Stone Soup. I like how the extended family is such an integral part of their daily life.

This strip shows the mother sighing over her blah day, watching the rain out the window as her daughters bicker. But she gains a little perspective as she watches another mother pushing a stroller through the rain, draggin a toddler, and talking on the phone to someone about an obvious potty emergency back home. Ah the life. And I often feel like that is my life. But I try to never forget about the ever-present mom who has it harder than I do. 'Cause she's always there.