Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo-Inspired Project

As I was taking photos from my bed last night, while checking out the new camera, I realized my closet is looking pretty bad. I have dozens of unused hangers, mostly crappy ones that I hate using anyway. And there's a lot of stuff in there that hasn't been worn in a long time, because they either mysteriously shrunk, or mysteriously got holes in them, or mysteriously went out of fashion.

So, my project for next week is to clean up this beast a bit. Nothing too fancy, just pare it down to what I actually wear. And ditch the crappy, extra hangers for decent ones.

My closet is not to be confused with my boys', which ended up in this state today.


Becky said...

I hate it when my girls' play in their closet and then I have to spend time re-hanging a lot of their clothes and getting it organized again. So annoying!

The Eggers said...

No worries Tara, I have been meaning to get rid of some clothes too for 2 reasons, 1 so that I dont have to do so much laundry and 2 for more space and tidy looking closets :)