Monday, November 17, 2008

Review: Loreal Infallible Never-Fail Lip Colour

The best Beauty on a Budget tip I could ever give you is to shop somewhere you can return things. Most of my new products are bought from the grocery store or Target. And they both take returns. Even used lipstick. Or mascara. You just say yes, it's used, but you didn't like it. And they don't even care - they just send it back to the manufacturer. I've found some good products this way, something I might be nervous to try, since I'm not sure it will be good. But I've found plenty of bad stuff that way too.

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on Loreal Infallible Never-Fail Lip Colour. While I'm a big fan of Loreal in general, and stockpile many of their fine products, this lip stuff - I didn't like it. And here's why.

*Not a big fan of the long-lasting lip wear. Even though I want to be and have tried more than five kinds. The Never-Fail was the worst I have tried.

*It left my lips super dry and wrinkly. Veeerrrrrry uncomfortable.

*It wore off my lips, probably helped by all the lip-rubbing and gloss applying I was doing, trying to get rid of the dry feeling.

*It did not wear off the edges of my lips. For like three days. The clown look is not for me.

And before you all comment in - yes, I do know the correct way to apply it. And yes, I let it dry without so much as allowing anything near either lip for like 10 minutes. Including one lip upon another. And yes, I used the gloss stick with it. Like repeatedly. I think I almost used it up. (A side note: I still have that accompanying gloss stick from a Cover Girl long-wear lip stuff that I used a few years ago. Their gloss is the best. I continue to hope they will sell it by itself.)

So, I took my Infallible Never-Fail Lip Color with the beautiful packaging back to the grocery store (without commenting on the failure of a name) and traded it in for a Loreal Colour Juice Stick. I wrote about that in my massic post, The Great Lip Product Debate. Anybody have better luck with the long-wear lip products? Help me out here.


Becky said...

I do not like to try very many lipstick products because my experience has been that most dry my lips out so much that my lips start to peel. I finally found two that do not have that effect (Aveda and Burt's Bees), so I have stuck with those ever since. I have one tube of Aveda that is 12 years old. Maybe I need to think abut getting a new one :-).

Emilie Ahern said...

Let me tell you my secret tip with this lipstick (which i love).

Buy a darker shade than you actually want. Put it onto one lip at a time and immediately blot it with tissue. This will leave just a thin layer that won't crack and is not mask like.

Repeat with lower lip. Use their gloss as directed. This totally works. I swear.

At the end of the day use Mary Kay Oil free make-up remover for super simple removal.

Robyn said...

Good info to know. I have not tried a long lasting lip color. I am in the shopping mode now though, if I find something I like I'll let you know.

Shauna said...

My current favorite (long-wear) is Max Factor's Lipfinity. The gloss stick is very similar to the Cover Girl long-wear one. On me, it wears off well (if I don't feel like removing it with make-up remover or vaseline) - definitely no clown lips.

Becca Rocks said...

I love this stuff! I put it on like Emilie said, no cracking and drying!