Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rose Colored Glasses

Tonight I looked out my back window and wondered if something was wrong with my eyes. The entire world had turned pink. I ran outside and caught the last few minutes of a beautiful Arizona sunset. It was the most amazing light and I wish I had a decent camera to capture it.

The first picture caught the last of the pink, although I think I missed the height of it. The second shot is the fading orange over the rooftops. Amazing.


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

A decent camera is number one on my "If I won the lottery" list, but these shots look pretty darn good to me!

Marcy said...

That's beautiful. I'm glad you shared!

Kirby3131 said...

My balcony has a sunset view - the only problem is that we have screens on the patio and on all the windows - so I can never get a decent picture. So I have to just rely on photos from others or on my memory lol

The photos are much better than my memory!

Robyn said...

I love AZ sunsets!