Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stocking Swap Wrap-Up

To wrap up the year, and my month of practically no posting, I wanted to write about my fun stocking stuff. Thanks to all my Stocking Swap girls for playing along with me and I hope you all come back to swap again next year.

My stocking was full to overflowing with contributions by both of my personal Santa Clauses, my husband and Emily, who was my Stocking Swap person. There were bunches of hand made notecards, which I'm already putting to good use. And there was a book and the most ingenious origami bookmarks. They're the little triangle things below. My days of dog-earing pages are over. Thanks, Emily!

Below I have listed participants in The Stocking Swap that posted about their gifts.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Start Shopping for Tiny Treasures

A big thanks to everyone who signed up to be part of my Stocking Swap. I am waiting until the end of Sunday for any last-minute participants, but I have most of the assignments made. Look for an e-mail from me soon so you can get to know the blogger you will be stuffing for. Also, check out everyone else's blogs just to be neighborly. Once Christmas is over and the stockings have been un-stuffed, I will post links to anyone who blogged about the fun things they received in the swap.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stocking Swap

Stockings from Etsy: Dick and Jane Rick Rack Stocking by lucky17, eco stockings by rikrak, The Bestest Felt Christmas Stockings EVER by cuzifeltlikeit, peace dove stocking in tweed by 3rdlife, Fireworks Christmas Stocking by howaboutorange, Delightful Swinging Monkeys (suede) Christmas Stocking by buckland

Christmas stockings are a cherished tradition at my home, with my husband and I both having grown up with specific stuffers that each child received every year. For him: chocolate oranges, pistacchioes, smoked oysters, and a new toothbrush. For me: chapstick, jewelry, and plenty of candy. We have taken items from both sides of the family and added a few of our own.

But... When Santa comes to your house on Christmas Eve, is Mom's stocking the only one left flat and empty? Or does it contain a few token things, that you probably wouldn't have chosen for yourself? Or do you, like me, fill your own or give your Mr. Claus minute instructions on how to fill it? Last year I followed some excellent advice from the FlyLady and swapped stockings with my fabulous sister-in-law. We had a lot of fun, and I had been debating on broaching the subject with her again, when I had an idea.

I am hosting a stocking swap here at The Well-Rounded Woman. If you are interested in giving and receiving some fun & creative stocking stuffers this year, please join in the fun. I will assign each participant a new friend for whom they will prepare and ship a stocking full of little sussies (a term borrowed from nicole). And another new friend will be shipping goodies to you too.


  1. Sign up to participate by sending me an e-mail at Please include your ship-to adress and your blog address. The deadline to sign up is Sunday, Dec. 7th.
  2. I will e-mail you the info for the person to whom you will be sending stocking stuffers. You should receive your assignment by Dec. 10th. Get to know them and find gift inspiration by reading their blog.
  3. Choose gifts - crafty, original, fun, useful, pretty, important, keepsakes - whatever you would like. We are encouraging you to use your imagination rather than your wallet. I don't want to have a dollar limit, but I also don't want anyone to feel they got shorted, so I am recommending a range of $10 to $20 total. And they should all fit into a standard size stocking, which you will NOT need to provide. Let's assume everyone already has their own stocking. If you need one, check out Etsy, where I found the beauties above. I would send the first one to my friend, Jane.

  4. Ship your stuffers by Wednesday, Dec. 17th so everyone will have them by Christmas.

  5. When you receive the little package at your house, please keep the fun going by passing it unopened to someone else, who will open it and fill your stocking on Christmas Eve. Then you can enjoy the magic of discovering everything Christmas morning.

I really hope many people join in on the fun here, but even if only one or two or three want to participate it will make for plenty of fun. Please feel free to invite a friend, or post about The Stocking Swap, or grab a button for your blog. This swap will be Working For Me this year, and I hope other Works For Me Wednesday fans will join in. Happy Christmas!