Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Come right in, 2009 - I've been expecting you. I have big plans for you and I and anticipate creating many wonderful memories: the first birthday of my last baby, my eighth wedding anniversary, kindergarten for my first baby, and my 33rd birthday. I can tell it's going to be a great year!

After a fun & eventful holiday season I have been looking forward to the start of the new year with hopes of organizing, decluttering, streamlining, and simplifying. Not to mention goal-setting and turning over a new leaf. But rather than set new goals, I am referring back to my existing goals. I made a list (and posted it) called 32 Things to Do Before 33. So let's have an update on my progress.

1. Read the Book of Mormon - I am slow, but still working on it.
2. Fast every month - check for Nov & Dec, although Dec fast was done on the 28th
3. Attend the temple 12 times - check for Nov & Dec (thanks to Candice for babysitting both times)
4. Print our family blog book for 2008 - finishing up a few posts and will download new blurb software next week
7. Install the sprinkler timer, level & reseed the backyard - The backyard is leveled, thanks to some paid outside help. I installed the timer, and it even works. It's all kind of jerry-rigged right now though & I need to spend some more time on it, including getting a box cover for the valves. We will reseed in the spring.
8. Install a digital thermostat - guess what my in-laws got us for Christmas... stayed tuned for a Do It Herself post on the installation
12. Take a sewing class for the home - I am registered for the class! Candice & I are taking it together and our sweet husbands have agreed to help out with the kiddos. It starts Jan. 31st
14. Complete our family stockings (missing two currently) - finished one of these on Christmas eve day, have the other one cut out. I need to finish it before I put away all the holiday stuff.
15. Make the satin wreath I bought materials for in 2004 - Oh, I am getting close. Need to finish this very soon too - will post about it.
22. Write thank you notes for gifts received - have been working on these for all the wonderful Christmas gifts. The cute cards I got in the stocking swap are being used already. And I made great thank you cards for my boys to give too.
29. Get to know my neighbors - I didn't find the time to do neighbor-type gifts or goodies this year for Christmas, but am thinking about January. People still like treats in January, right?
32. Find and blog about ten new artists - I have already found some good ones and am planning posts

Stay tuned to The Well-Rounded Woman where new content is forthcoming this month.


Becky said...

Your sewing class sounds interesting. Can you give me the details? (location, cost, # of classes) Thanks!

The Fegers said...

I heard the most horrible news: Blurb doesn't slurb some blogs any more! I hope it can do yours. I'm pretty upset about it. I still haven't finnished my '07 one, but thankfully it's already slurped in.
LMK if it works or what you'll do.