Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Fab First Artist

In my list of 32 Things To Do Before 33, I committed to finding new (to me) artists to share with my readers. I subscribe to a number of blogs which I designate "design" blogs. And they always feature wonderful artists of every medium. A while ago I was struck with Julia Rothman, and spent many hours on her website, which is amazing! She is such a talented illustrator and pattern maker. I admit to a fondness for the patterns over the illustrations.

Ms. Rothman is from New York, attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and now has her office in Brooklyn. She started a company called Also with 2 fellow design students. Their portfolio is impressive. Julia also does work for Hasbro, designing for The Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony lines. She maintains her own website, and a book blog called, Book By Its Cover, where she features and reviews art and design books. And please, please check out her Flickr page! I have been rotating through the prints as wallpapers on my computer. I can't get over Julia's terrific work and the great products you can purchase for yourself.

You can find great Julia Rothman cards and wrapping paper at the website Hello! Lucky. I will be ordering some gift wrap very soon, thank goodness they offer a variety pack so I don't have to choose my favorite.

The Land of Nod sells a great little boy print (which my kiddos would love!) in Ms. Rothman's print, Robot Bedding. And you can buy bags from Freddy & Ma in her patterns too.

Hygge & West makes the most amazing wallpaper out of Julia's designs. They also have a cute interview with her. There is another interview on Amateur Illustrator, with lots of great images.

You can also get her wallpaper at Wall Collection, which is a super-cool place to buy custom wallpaper. I'm dying to try it - but will have to get a much larger tax refund.

Julia's work has been featured in Lucky Magazine, O at Home (Oprah's Magazine), Readymade, Design*Sponge (Julia's firm, Also, did the web design for d*s), New York Public Library Design by the Book video series (free podcasts on iTunes), Apartment Therapy, freshly blended, decor 8, print & pattern, and several books.

I am looking for some way to incorporate some of Julia's designs into my own home (and saving my mad money to do it) but for now I am thankful I can see so much of her work online. I can't think of anyone better to highlight for the first of my Artists Series. Look for more in the future.

(All images used with the permission of the artist.)


Megan said...

Cameron Tiede has some cute robots (and such). No bedding, but the art is a little quirky and fun to look at. :)

Lindsay said...

She's kind of fabulous. I love the blue/cloud/bird wallpaper and, um, everything else, too.

Kirby3131 said...

I can't wait to see all of the fabulous artists you come up with. From this list, I can tell we are going to be lifelong friends :)


Robyn said...

What a cool series! I look forward to learning about new artists from you! It amazes me the opportunities that artists have now days. Can you imagine Van Gogh seeing his work on wallpaper and tablecloths etc?