Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are You a Follower Too?

Sometimes I am really persuaded by other bloggers, especially on products they post about and love. I've seen Japanese masking tape all over my google reader in the last 6 months, in the category I call Design & Crafty Blogs. The online retailers were often sold out but I finally found some here, and spent a total of $9 of my mad money to order 3 rolls of green patterned tape. My husband thought I was crazy. But they are so cute!

When I opened up the package, I was a teensy bit disappointed at first. Because the rolls are teensy. I had imagined them as regular-sized rolls of masking tape. Below is the shot of the tape next to a AA battery, and my well-known marker - a can of Mt. Dew. BUT, I really love them. Actually the narrower tape is much better for any crafty kind of stuff I might use it for. So far I just taped up my 32 Goals on the back of my bedroom door. But I am imagining many more uses - even in my boys' bedroom.

I also saw many posts about the Charley Harper kids' items at Old Navy. And when I was finally at a store this week the little board books kept my baby occupied for quite a while during my shopping. And on a whim I had a sales associate check the price for me, because they were at the back of the store and I knew they had been out for a while. And despite the lack of sales stickers or signs - all the products were on clearance! I bought the ABC and 123 books for $3 each and a set of Memory Cards for $4.50. I played 3 rounds of memory with my four year old today and while he loved the game, I loved the amazing pictures. Charley Harper was one talented guy! (May he rest in peace.) He might be a favorite new designer. I would add Todd Oldham's book about CH to my Christmas list except, you know, it's $126. I'm not finding many of the products on Old Navy's website now - and they are marked at full price. So run on down to the store now. IF, you're a follower like me. (I also found some of these products for reasonable prices on Amazon.)


susette said...

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Robyn said...

Oh wow Tara! I never realized those rolls were so small! Yes, I have been hoping to score some myself. I'd make more of a comment, but I have to run to old navy right now!

Kirby3131 said...

I would have been terribly disappointed as well at the size of those rolls. I'm so glad you found a good use for them and yes, I have seen them all over the blogs and have been secretly wanting a roll or two.

Now, can I make use of the small rolls, now that I know what they really look like... hmmm

Candice said...

remind me to look at these books when i come over, they look cute.