Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fashion Trends

Boo Mama recently linked to a fashion news article from Fox and mentioned that perhaps her friend, Big Mama would expound on the trends. I follow Big Mama's Fashion Friday posts but she didn't mention the article at all this week, so I volunteered myself for the challenge. Fox kept all their picks under $30, and most of mine are too. I did add some items that were more because I liked them so much - but I don't think I would ever pay more than $30 for an item of clothing. Except maybe jeans or a swimsuit - items that get worn multiple times a week. I'm a big fan of Target, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. but they are not all online. I like to look for cute things at department stores, then search out their look-a-likes at discounts.

10 Top Spring Recessionista Finds
Categories by TLC's Andy Paige, details from the Well-Rounded Woman

1. White jeans - I have always been a fan of white jeans and chinos. Most people seem to shy away, and plenty of moms have told me they wouldn't want to try and get stains out. But I've never had any problems. Denim comes clean, even in white. And if you pick a heavier weight chino, you won't have problems either. Ankle length is best for jeans, and longer trouser length for chinos. I found pairs at Kohls, Gap, Old Navy, L.L. Bean, Land's End, etc.

2. Neon or day glo colors- I'm not sure about neon, so I'm going for bright yellow with this trend. Or maybe a turquoise. A bright pop of color is especially good in jewelry or accessories. I like this head scarf that can also be worn as a belt. Although not around my well-rounded waist.

3. Scarves, I'm totally skipping this one because I live in the hot, hot Arizona desert. I do think scarves are very cute though - and they have plenty of light-weight ones for spring.

4. Ruffles - I like them and they seem to be big for spring. But in last week's episode of ANTM the judges said one of the models looked like she was wearing pajamas, rather than a pink, ruffled top. It may be better to go with this edgier plaid top. I like this bright, solid red tee too, and it seems more modern & less girly because the ruffles are down the side.

5. Florals - I could use a shot of femininity in my wardrobe. Enough of the solid tees. This floral top with lace trim from Kohls is gorgeous. Florals are everywhere right now - from larger, bold graphic prints, to pastel, floaty designs.

6. Jewelry - I hear stacks of metal bangle bracelets are in, as well as big stones for necklaces or other pieces. I'm not sure this would work for me because the things I see in my price range always look so fake and cheap. I guess I like a more classic look for jewelry. I do still love the layered necklaces look, and a bright pop of yellow or red.

7. Aviator sunglasses - I've so been in on this trend for years now. See, I'm not totally out of it. Classic aviators never go out of style, but you can also try some trendier ones with colored rims or lenses. I've seen some with aviator shaped lenses, but wider plastic arms in fun prints. Check out me & my sweet hubby out at our wedding almost 8 years ago.

8. Nautical - I love sailor-themed fashion. This skirt from Victoria's Secret is very versatile- plus I'm starting to think VS has the best white tops. I've always wanted a french sailor's shirt, except I worry about horizontal stripes for me. They are tres chic though.

9. Bright Cardigan - for me a spring cardigan must be short sleeved like this cashmere one from Land's End. Even then I can only wear it until the end of March really.

10. Colorful handbag - I like this one from Kohl's, which is colorful AND floral.

After those nine trends, I'd like to add a few things of my own, that might not necessarily be trends, but signify spring to me. And usually I need to add these to my wardrobe in spring.

1. Skirts - I have been hungering for this denim skirt from Gap ever since Marta posted about it in January. I could use a jersey knit skirt or two to wear practically every day this summer. And I could live in this Victoria's Secret outfit as shown.

2. Polos - I like polo shirts, but they must be feminine with a long, narrow placket and shirred sleeves. Old Navy has them for $15 in lots of spring colors.

3. New Shoes - I want to find some cute and comfortable neutral-hued sandals that I can wear often. I also really need new flip flops every spring - I wear them about 75% of the time. I used to swear by J. Crew's, but they went to a narrower design and I don't like them. This year I'm trying to decide between these L.L. Bean's and these Reef's.

6. Hair Accessories - I am seeing gorgeous flower clips, pins, and headbands everywhere lately - especially featured on blogs. I love them and have even imagined myself making some (I know lots of people who do). But I worry that I will look too much like a follower. Hopefully I'll do it anyway. My hair needs some excitement!

7. Swim Suit Cover-up - This comes from Big Mama's latest list. Mom's spend plenty of time at the pool with their kids and the point here is COVERAGE. I want to pull this on as soon as I exit the pool and am not completely dripping, prefereably before I tend to my children. And if I have to run into a store or to a friend's house I wouldn't be embarassed by this gauzy dress from VS or this comfy jersey dress from Gap.


Aaron said...

RE 7. Aviator sunglasses: Wow, who's that mega-hottie with that dashing lad? Seems so many lives ago!

Robyn said...

Very nice round up. I pretty much like it all except the ruffles.

Nautical is the best. I love it!

A good cardigan is a must for me. In fact it is part of my signature look a la Michael Kors.

Becky said...

Oh, this makes me miss your posts on Project Runway. I wish they would get that legal stuff sorted out.

jeanna eggers said...

Good post Tara. I need to go shopping and this motivates me. Nice wedding pic, you are a very handsome couple :)

Jennie said...

I love the wedding pic! Thanks for the fashion tips- I need it- so I can spend my few dollars wisely.